The restaurant offers 108 dishes of twi-cooked pork, cooked by girls dressed in Hanfu: Who am I provoking?

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China’s food culture is extensive and profound, has a long history and enjoys a high reputation. The reason why China’s food culture has such a profound foundation is that everyone spreads and carries forward the food. We agree with the propaganda of Chinese food culture, but oppose it becoming a mere formality.A chengdu restaurant recently launched a grand banquet of 108 dishes of twi-cooked pork, prepared by a young girl dressed in Traditional Chinese clothing, to apply for a Guinness World Record, but netizens didn’t buy it. Some said that if twi-cooked pork could talk, it would also be the first to object: “Who have I provoked?”You’re gonna do this to me?Twice-cooked pork is a common dish in Sichuan cuisine, and it is also a representative of Sichuan cuisine. It is a test of the chef’s skills. Many Sichuan restaurants look for chefs to see whether the twice-cooked pork cooked by the chef is qualified.The ingredients used for twice-cooked pork are very simple, such as pork, garlic and green pepper. The cooked twice-cooked pork is red and bright in color, fat but not greasy. The cooking method of twice-cooked pork completely arouses the original flavor of pork.The restaurant launched 108 courses of twice-cooked pork, mainly twice-cooked pork, because of the different side dishes added, into different dishes, there are garlic miao twice-cooked pork, green pepper twice-cooked pork, garlic moss twice-cooked pork, pot cap twice-cooked pork, garlic miao Twice-cooked pork.But in people’s impression, twice-cooked pork is only add green pepper and garlic, add other dishes twice-cooked pork, can you call it twice-cooked pork?What about authenticity?Do you care?Restaurant, make the 108 sichuan style stew pork banquet, in order to make the world love sichuan food, girl, wearing hanfu is the window of the banquet, referred to as sichuan style stew pork, the young, beautiful and photogenic, can see, it is not a professional chef hand movements are somewhat rusty and immature, sichuan style stew pork can’t eat, she burn may restaurant don’t care, to be aroused people’s concern.The twice-cooked pork cooked by a hanfu girl who could not cook was judged by a group of judges who did not know sichuan cuisine at all. No one had cooked 108 twice-cooked pork dishes before, so it was a world Guinness record. How significant was it?No wonder the net friends are pure waste of money and labor.Instead of racking our brains and applying for such meaningless Guinness World records, we should put more effort into researching a few home-cooked dishes that ordinary people can cook at home, which are more popular.What do you think?