Next week’s major events: January CPI, PPI data to be released;A number of important indicators in Europe and the United States;4 new shares and 47 new basis ready

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Key events Tuesday: European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde speaks.Closed-door meetings of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors;Thursday: Federal Reserve FOMC releases monetary policy minutes;European Central Bank releases economic bulletin.Friday: St. Louis Fed President James Bullard on the outlook for the U.S. economy and monetary policy;Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester on the U.S. economic and monetary policy outlook;2. Important data Tuesday: Preliminary Japanese q4 adjusted real GDP Q/Q;UK Three-month ILO unemployment rate in December;UK January unemployment rate;German ZEW Economic Sentiment index for February;Eurozone FOURTH-quarter GDP revised q/Q;Euro Zone December Adjusted trade account;Euro Zone February ZEW Economic Sentiment index;Us January PPI Y/Y Wednesday: US API Crude Oil Inventories Change for the week ended Feb 11China January PPI y/y;China January CPI y/y;UK January CPI y/y;UK January unseasonally adjusted PPI y/y;UK January Retail Price Index y/y;Us January retail sales m/m;Us Import Price Index m/m in January;Us January industrial production m/m;U.S. EIA Crude Oil Inventory Changes for the week ended Feb. 11 Thursday: Japanese January Unseasonally adjusted Merchandise Trade Account;Australian January quarterly adjusted unemployment rate;Singapore’s total fuel stocks for the week ended Feb 16;Us January housing starts annualised m/m;Us January Building permits m/m;U.S. initial jobless claims for the week ended Feb. 12;U.S. Continued Jobless Claims for the week ended Feb. 5 Friday: Japan January National CPI Annual Rate;UK January adjusted retail sales m/m;Preliminary Euro Zone Consumer confidence for February;The United States in January existing home sales annualized total 3, new shares new bonds next week 4 new shares applied.Monday: West Point Pharmaceutical 301130 (pharmaceutical manufacturing) Tuesday: Hong Xi Technology 871857 (computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing) Wednesday: Dahan NUMERICAL Control 301200 (special equipment manufacturing) Thursday:Macro and British intelligence (instrumentation manufacturing) 4, 001266 new fund next week, A total of 47 cases (class A and class C combined statistics) issued A new fund, eight in bond funds, stock funds, only 1 hybrid partial debt funds 6, 23 slant hybrid funds, index funds only 3, stock of debt balance funds, only 1 FOF5 only.Bond fund: Zheshang Huijin Xingli enhanced bonds A and C (Tsai Weijing, Ma Binbo);Wanjia Anheng three months of pure debt holding bond type A, C (Yin Chengyong);Tai Xin Rui bond initiated type A, C (Zhang Ange);Dacheng Huicin one-year fixed bond launch (Fang Xiaocheng);Huashang Hongyuan three months fixed open pure bonds (Hu Zhongyuan);Southern Xinyuan Bonds (Jin Lingzhi);Invesco Great Wall 30 days rolling holdings of short debt A, C (Rice liang);Penghua Yongning 3-month fixed bond (Deng Mingming) equity fund: GUANGfa Advanced Manufacturing Stock initiated A, C (Sun Di);Partial debt mixed fund: Yongying Tian Tian Xin held mixed A and C for 12 months (Xu Xiang, Guo Can);Shang Zheng Zhengxin hybrid initiated A, C (Zhang Zhimei, Li Jijiang, Duan Jihua);Jiashi Ronghui Mixed A, C (Hu Yongqing);Oriental High-end manufacturing mixed A, C (Wang Jiajun, Gao Deyong);Jiashi Ronghui Mixed A, C (Hu Yongqing);Changxin steady growth for A year hold mixed A, C (Li Jiachun, Wu Hui) partial stock mixed fund: Hui Tianfu low-carbon investment for A year hold mixed A, C (Zhao Jian);Investment quality Pilot mixed A, C (Guo Rui);Central Europe quantized power hybrid A, C (winding);Oriental High-end manufacturing mixed A, C (Li Rui);Huaxia ESG sustainable investment for A year hold mixed A, C (Pan Zhongning);Deppon Hong Kong Stock Connect Growth selection mix A, C (Guo Chengdong, Wang Jiahui);Zhongouguang Yi one year holding mixed A, C (Wang Jian);Dongcai Digital Economy hybrid initiated type A, C (Luo Qing);Huashang quality selection mixed A, C (Deng Mo);Hua ‘an economic drive A year hold mixed A, C (Hu Yibin);A and C of China Post Energy Innovation Hybrid Initiative (Bai Peng);Bodao Shengxing one-year holding period mixture (Zhang Jiansheng);Hua ‘an value driven one year hold mixed A, C (Zhang Liang);A, C (Ke Haidong);Huitanfu Advanced Manufacturing Mixed A, C (Dong Chao);CCB Excellent growth year hold mixed A, C (Shao Zhuo);Teda Hongli boom zhixuan 18 months hold mixed A, C (Wang Peng);Green Emerging industry mixed A, C (Liu Dong);Jiahe Jinxin mixture A, C (Li Guolin);Dongfanghong ESG Sustainable investment mix A, C (Jing Li);Investment investment high-end equipment mixed A, C (Feng Fuzhang);A, C (Liu Weiwei);Tianhong Zhen Health Mix A, C (Guo Xiangbo);Index fund: Yi Fangda Hang Seng Hong Kong Stock Connect New Economy ETF (Fan Bing, Song Zhaoxian);Cathay China Securities New Material THEME ETF initiated A, C (Wang Yu);Cathay China Securities consumer electronics theme ETF initiated linkage A, C (Huang Yue) equity/debt balance fund: Merchants selected balanced mixing A, C (Li Yin) FOF: Huaxia Jusheng preferred holding mixing A, C (Xu Liming);Yinhua Zunxi Stable pension for one year hold mixed initiation type (FOF) (Xiao Kanning, Xiong Kan);Boc Pension 20505 holding mix (FOF) (Xing Qiuyu);State Life security Pension 20303 holding mixed (FOF) (Zhang Zhixiong);Yongying Pension Target date 20403 Holding Mixed initiation (FOF) (Tian Qinyan);Note: The fund name in parentheses is the proposed fund manager