A: congratulations!Sun Yizhen xuan Bin official marriage, Xuan Bin handwritten wedding declaration exposure, too sweet

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Two celebrity couples got married in one day, and a couple officially announced that they would get married in March.On the morning of February 10, the debater king of “You Can Be Beautiful” and his “little boyfriend” Lu Pengxing officially announced their wedding news, and posted photos of them getting their license, which received numerous blessings.Even his bestie friend Yang Zi also quickly left a message interaction, propaganda king do not forget the friendship because of marriage.At the same time, Zhang Meng and South Korean artist Kim Eun-sung also officially announced their wedding news, and posted photos of high-profile “sprinkling sugar”, which also received numerous blessings.However, in the evening, Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen also both transmitted to be married happy news, and will share this good news on the social platform, harvest full blessing.According to media reports, Sohn ye-jin will marry Hyun Bin in March.In addition, Hyun bin’s handwritten wedding declaration also came to light.Hello everyone, I am Xuan Bin.How are you doing?I want to share the most important decision of my life with the fans who love me, care about me and love me.Anybody know?Yes, I’m getting married, moving cautiously into act two.She, who makes me smile so often, made a pact that we would spend the rest of our lives together.In the work together with the political hyok and li to take a step in life together.I think everyone will be happy and warm to support us on our first step.Well, until the day we can meet and say hello, I hope everyone is healthy and happy.Sohn responded later, “The man you want to spend the rest of your life with has appeared. Yes, it is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.”The declaration of their love is too sweet, from xuanbin’s words can feel his responsibility as a man.And Sun Yizhen also hit the bottom of my heart that the present man, will grow old together with Xuan Bin.Sohn and Hyun have been dating since they met on the set of The movie “The Dark Side” and worked together on the TV series “Crash Landing.”Domestic audiences also began to pay attention to the couple because they were too high on their lovers in the drama.In addition to the two sides of the high level of appearance, together naturally play a very strong “chemical reaction.”In the eyes of outsiders, Xuan Bin is always a gentleman handsome “uncle” appearance, Sun Yizhen belongs to the bird depends on the person to wait to be taken care of “little girl”.For this romance, Sun Yezhen has also recently revealed the details of their relationship on the show.In the morning of February 10, according to the Korean media broadcast variety show documentary, Sohn Ye-jin as the leading guest appearance.In the program, the host asked Sun yizhen when her first love, sun yizhen gave the answer: love is now the first love.After getting the answer, not only the host feel surprised, even the audience also feel incredible, to know that Sun Yizhen is now 40 years old, and Xuan Bin if the first love, that she had not had the idea of contact with others.As expected or xuan Bin such appearance level and character can enter Sun Yizhen’s “law eye”, once again by them to sweet.Looking back on their relationship, although they did not admit it at the beginning of the exposure, and the agency also vehemently denied, there were too many bumps in the middle, but the final result is satisfactory, it is really moving.Now sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin are no longer young, wish them can hold your hand and grow old together, happiness will continue forever, set up their family of three as soon as possible.