18 days ago rain and snow shaanxi provincial department of Communications issued early warning information

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According to the forecast of Shaanxi Meteorological Observatory, the meteorological conditions of our province from February 16 to 18 are poor, most of the visibility is low, local rain, snow, cooling and blowing weather.The provincial department of Transportation emergency command center issued an early warning message on The 16th, the affected areas of transport authorities attach great importance to the following work carefully: first, prepare for the response in advance.We will strengthen the deployment of forces to remove snow and ensure access to roads, make unified deployment of highway maintenance and management forces, and do a good job in the deployment of personnel, equipment and materials.Organize the professional team of snow removal and ice shoveling to fulfill the responsibility of snow removal and skid prevention.Do maintenance and debugging of snow removal and ice removal equipment such as snow thrower, transport vehicle, and supplement and configuration of snow melting agent and anti-skid material.Second, we will do our best to ensure smooth transportation.Dispatch relevant forces in time, strengthen highway risk investigation, and strictly implement the inspection and inspection system of highway maintenance.When roads are blocked due to snowfall, additional forces should be sent to carry out ice shoveling and snow removal to ensure the completion of the task as soon as possible and ensure the smooth road.Third, strengthen joint attendance and linkage with public security departments.According to the Notice on Strengthening the Emergency Management of Road Traffic under Inclement Weather (Gongtong Zi [2013] No. 1), do a good job in road network control.Establish information contact and consultation mechanism with the public security traffic control department in a timely manner, and fully cooperate with the public security traffic control department to take measures such as remote control, near diversion and multi-point evacuation to strictly prevent road congestion. Meanwhile, make a deroute plan and do a good job in traffic diversion and emergency rescue.4. Timely release of travel information.Through TV, radio, Internet, mobile phone short messages and wechat, and variable information boards along highways, highway traffic weather warning information and safe travel tips are issued in a timely manner to guide the public to reasonably determine travel time and route.V. Strengthen road network monitoring and information reporting.We will do a good job in monitoring key areas and road networks, and step up monitoring of major passageways, Bridges and tunnels.Monitoring of road congestion should be verified, handled and reported in a timely manner to prevent large areas of road congestion, prolonged vehicle detention and other situations, to strengthen the work of on-duty and information reporting in accordance with the requirements, to prevent information blockage, information backflow and other problems.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com