San Francisco has issued a formal apology to Chinese immigrants for their anti-Chinese behavior.

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San Francisco, The us city of San Francisco, on Thursday announced a resolution to formally apologize for past atrocities against the Chinese community.The decision by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors recognizes that the city’s past discriminatory policies have had a significant impact on the Chinese community.The resolution apologized on behalf of the board of Supervisors and the city government for “systematic and structural discrimination” against the Chinese community, as well as acts of sexual violence, and acknowledged that the board of Supervisors had passed many laws that persecuted Chinese immigrants.More than a third of San Francisco’s roughly 900,000 residents are of Asian-Pacific descent, with Chinese making up the largest share.The San Francisco Police Department reported earlier this year that hate crimes reported by AsiAn-Americans surged 567 percent in 2021.San Francisco’s move follows an apology last May by Antioch, Calif., to its Chinese community for past discriminatory policies.The cities of SAN Jose and Los Angeles followed suit in September and October, respectively, with formal apologies for historical discrimination against Chinese Americans.San Francisco, THE United States, has issued a formal apology to Chinese immigrants for its anti-Chinese behavior.This is how overseas Chinese celebrate the New Year!To fly!The world celebrates the Year of the Tiger, and landmark buildings in many countries light up “China red”!An exclusive interview with Li Jianye, designer of the Torch for the Beijing Winter Olympics