Provincial civilization to create work report materials: highlight the key to create characteristic connotation development service society

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Report materials on provincial Civilization Construction:Highlight key points to build characteristic connotation development to serve the society to promote the new development of school spiritual civilization construction ii. Adhere to ideal and belief education and promote the construction of learning school III. Carry out colorful civilization building activities and practice __ values IV.To promote the harmonious development of the school six, strengthen school x – education, the construction of good faith schools seven, the foothold official duty, serve the society, the eight quality service, to carry out study lei feng volunteer activities, vigorously carry forward the culture of nine, civilized Internet love, spread the positive energy, the development characteristics of sport, 10 teachers and students after school life rich 11, help the weak support, fulfill social responsibility…**** Provincial civilization Building report materials:To the point Build characteristic connotation development to serve the society School spiritual civilization construction of the new development of our school in the city government, * * * * district government under the correct leadership, overall requirements around the city spiritual civilization construction, in-depth _ _ and _ 3 _, _ will spirit and ___ spirit, closely around the “four comprehensive” strategic layout,Through into five development idea, earnestly implement the _, province spiritual civilization construction work conference and the municipal party committee, municipal government work deployment, to create the _ civilized city as the main line, continue pushing forward the construction of the values of __ vigorously strengthen the construction of teachers and the students moral, engaged in building spiritual civilization, improve the teachers and students civilization quality and civilization degree, further innovative ideas, improve level,Shape bright spot, build brand, comprehensively promote the construction of spiritual civilization in our school.In recent years, the school efficiency continue to improve, especially in nearly three years education teaching result continuously maintain “high quality, high efficiency”, in recent years, the college entrance examination, examination results one year a step, the college entrance examination implements a breakthrough, 2 online rate, examination has two students to enter the city’s top 100, these achievements have won the high social praise.The school has achieved remarkable results in all aspects of work: it was awarded “** City Advanced Unit of Education System”, “Moral Education Advanced Unit”, “** City advanced Unit of health”, “Garden School”, “** province sports characteristic traditional project