Outbreak!!!Just, nanjing a new batch of shopping malls exposed fierce material, 7 this year

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Looking back over the past year, the domestic commercial real estate market is mixed.On the one hand, the further intensification of stock business competition and the normalization of the epidemic have brought about a new interpretation of the industry competition pattern.On the other hand, business management companies usher in split listing tide, new businesses spring up like bamboo shoots…In 2021, a number of commercial complexes in Nanjing will be opened, such as Longhu Nanjing Hexi Sky Street, Jianye Wuyue Plaza, Nanjing Hexi Jindi Plaza, Jiangbei Hongyue City, etc., to fill the commercial gap in the sector.In the near future, Nanjing has 8 new shopping malls from the new news, today we have a look!Project address: West of Zhongshan South Road, near Sanshan Street Station of Metro Line 1 In January 2022, Nanjing Sanshan Street Wantiandi held a mobilization meeting, said: strive to complete the completion of the record at the end of April this year, is expected to open in September!Sanshan Street Wanxiangtiandi covers an area of about 39,000 square meters, including about 88,000 square meters of commercial construction area, to create MALL+ block type commerce.Before this, the developer also expressed for many times to make its nanjing version “Taigu Li”.It is reported that sanshan Street Vientiane world will be around the “Nanjing fashion life landmark, the global hot food Nanjing high, fashion brand first stop” three labels, “20% new concept, 40% city first progress, 100% new voice” three percentages, to create a fashion platform leading the new life of Nanjing.Sanshan street vientiane renderings of heaven and earth and friends are expected for the opening time of nanjing language: fastest project address: 2022 nanjing qinhuai district no. 132 changle road in March 2021, new investment group and nanjing qinhuai district at changle road no. 132 brigade joint venture cooperation project signing ceremony, marking on fire all over changsha streets “friends and” officially settled in set.Figure source: Network Nanjing wenheyou total investment 500 million yuan!Nanjing culture, theme entertainment, fashion theme as the development orientation, qinhuai District government and Nanjing New Industry Group lead the introduction, Changsha Wenheyou, Noa New Century, zhenghe with the state, to create a new situation of qinhuai culture, business and tourism integration development.It is reported that in November 2021, Qinhuai District has led a team to inspect Shenzhen Wenheyou, and promote the construction of Nanjing Wenheyou as soon as possible, “if the construction is accelerated in 2022, it is completely possible to realize the opening of this year.”Project Address: Intersection of Jinma Road and Shishi Road, Qixia District, Nanjing Recently, the commercial part of TOD complex of Jinma Road in the east of the city – Greenland · Colorful World came from new news, which is expected to open on May 1 this year.Data shows that the volume of Greenland · Colorful World is about 28,200 square meters.As of December 2021, the overall investment rate reached 85%.Burger King, Lao Niangjiu, Girl’s hand, Ruyi wonton, Shangshiqiao Tea Restaurant, Tea Baidao, Chunyang tea, Apple, Millet home, Rosen and other brands have been confirmed to enter.In the previous investment promotion press conference, Green · Colorful World also signed contracts with local chicken, Huawei, 85℃, Jinjiamin, Manji Dessert, Xiaoyang Sheng Jian, Paris baguette, Da Yu Hotpot, Neishi Barbecue, Tim Hortons coffee and other brands.Project Address: The intersection of Pukou Avenue and Pubin Road, Pukou District, Nanjing, Has been waiting for more than 12 years, the commercial complex of jiangbei core area has come!Just now, wanhui North District commercial body, finally spread new news!To be sure, since July 2009, Oriental Land acquired the commercial land in the northern and southern areas of Wanhuicheng, the project has been making slow progress, and even fell into a 4-year shutdown storm.According to the official micro news, the north district of Wanhui City will be transformed into a 24-hour city in Nanjing.As a whole, it is an integrated design of “shopping center + theme business street”. With diversified formats and international fashion brands, it is built into a living space for interaction and exchange experience of all ages and periods.At present, WANhui City Venture Capital Center has established strong cooperation with intercontinental Smart selection Hotel, Starbucks, KFC and many other brands, and established close cooperative relations with many business brands.In addition, according to the construction announcement, the project will be completed on June 9, 2023, that is to say, the mall will be able to meet the people of Jiangbei by the end of 2023 at the earliest!Project address: No. 128, Xinpu Road, Pukou District, Nanjing City South MAO Commercial Square is the commercial part of the former Baolong Times Square, with a total volume of about 49,000 square meters, close to the Subway Line 10 Wende Road station.It aims to become the only exquisite community commercial complex with theme experience and lifestyle leading within 3 kilometers, integrating shopping, leisure, dining, parent-child and entertainment.The design includes open commercial structure, facade holographic projection large screen, fashionable archway escalator, 15.4 meters double atrium ultra-high shared space…It is understood that The city south MAO commercial square will be based on the division of commercial space, rationalization of business layout, the project covers boutique clothing, 24-hour convenience, digital collection, home life, children’s entertainment, children’s retail, brand catering and characteristic theme catering.Recently, the south of the city MAO Commercial Plaza has exposed a lot of brands, including Shanghai Film International Cinema, Charm KTV, Chow Tai Fook, seven xintian, 7-Eleven, Domino’s Pizza, COCO, Tea Baidao, Sweet Hui, hometown chicken, ABU Yo-yo, etc.The project is expected to complete the renovation project this year, the official opening.Shigeru photo source: south of the city commercial plaza outlet is expected for the opening time of sand: project address: 2022 new district in the north of the industrial technology research park in December 2021, jiangbei international cultural creative block, sand boat outlet urban complex project smoothly caps, since then, jiangbei district complex international cultural creative block the main structure construction mission complete!It is understood that the project is a large-scale commercial complex independently developed and constructed by Yanchuang Park, with a total construction area of about 235,000 square meters, consisting of two high-rise office buildings, hotel apartments and a commercial building.From the renderings, the project design will be combined with the terrain style, through clever and innovative design techniques, to create a fashionable appearance, inside the cave, strewn at random chic high appearance level of modern architectural complex.As the first large-scale commercial body in the Youth Olympic Games, Sand Ship Outlets integrates the functions of international brands, high-end boutique department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, leisure and entertainment, sports and so on.Project address: 208 Lushan Road, Jianye District, Nanjing city, January 20th, the official account of Deji World Trade Center released the latest picture and announced that the 5A wisdom office building will be opened in the spring of 2022!Nanjing Deji World Trade Center, with a total investment of about 5 billion yuan, has planned a 68-storey 5A intelligent office building with a total height of about 318 meters, a five-star luxury hotel, a fashion life square, a sky garden mansion and a World Trade Center meeting, which is committed to creating a new cover of Nanjing city.It is understood that Hexi Deji Square inherits the mature business model of Xinjiekou Deji Square at the same time, it will also gather international luxury brands, global food center, international cinemas, imported supermarkets, children’s world and other forms.In a recent report on the work of the Government in Jianye District, it was also pointed out that the opening of deji World Trade Center will be promoted in 2022.At present, the facade of the podium building has been formed, the ground is still in the laying, is expected to open in the second half of this year.Address: South East · Neighborhood MAO, a new commercial complex in the southwest of Hebei, at the intersection of Taiqing Road and Qingrun Road, Shazhou Street, Jianye District, Nanjing, is expected to officially open on September 30 this year!As the business center project of Weihe Community, Limao in the southeast bears a series of basic livelihood functions of the surrounding citizens, such as shopping, catering, entertainment, education, pension and vegetable basket.The project covers an area of about 25,000 square meters, including catering, entertainment, supermarket, children’s education, fitness center and other formats, as well as nursing homes, vegetable farms and life services to meet the needs of the community.In terms of business model innovation, while satisfying the traditional community business consumption model, technology, wisdom and Internet elements should be implanted to emphasize the interaction and organic combination of physical consumption and virtual consumption.It is reported that Southeast · Neighborhood MAO has signed contracts with nai Xue tea, Starbucks, KFC, Domino’s, Chow Tai Fook, Baoqing, China Gold, Huawei flagship store and other brands.In addition, the mall has also introduced dahua Grand Theater, which is located in the 4th ~ 5th floor of the commercial building (the 4th floor has a mezzanine). It is initially considered to set up 8 theaters (including 1 giant screen hall) and 5 on-demand theaters.Above is the latest development of Nanjing commercial complex!Which one are you most looking forward to?