Longshan Town of Gulin County began to formulate its territorial space plan

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The planning task is divided into town planning, town planning, town control detailed planning, recent construction planning, town planning local adjustment.At the town level, longshan Town covers 182.4 square kilometers.Township level includes Longshan, Yu Huachang town two townships.According to the overall requirements of “prosperous industry, livable ecology, civilized village style, effective governance and rich life” for rural revitalization, the development thinking and overall strategy of the town are determined, the direction and focus of industrial development are clarified, and the paths and strategies for promoting the characteristic and high-quality development of longshan Town are put forward.According to the situation of various resources in Longshan Town, the protection measures and control requirements of various resources including ecological resources, cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, historical and cultural resources, mineral resources and other resources are clarified.Analyze the trend of population migration and transfer, determine the population size of towns, towns and villages, and define the scale and functional division structure of towns, central villages and grass-roots villages in combination with economic functions and radiation scope.Optimize the road network layout structure of Longshan Town, make overall arrangements for internal and external traffic facilities, improve the road connection between village groups and rural residential areas, and put forward the layout and scale of bus stations, parking lots and other traffic facilities combined with local reality.The construction standards, scale and layout of electricity, gas, water conservancy, water supply, sewage, communications, sanitation and other facilities are put forward based on the way of production and life in rural areas, and the control requirements of important infrastructure corridors and major NIMBY facilities are put forward.In accordance with the principle of equal access to basic public services, in accordance with the requirements for the allocation of community living circles and in consideration of the changing trend of rural population and lifestyle, public service facilities such as education, medical care, sanitation and social welfare will be rationally arranged.Public service facilities with similar functions are encouraged to be allocated in a relatively centralized manner, jointly built and shared.