Electric services also have big data, warm and accurate!

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“This year our company received a lot of orders, machinery and equipment to speed up operation, so the demand for electricity is relatively large, so the power department specially to provide us with services to ensure the safety of our production of electricity, I feel much more confident.”A few days ago, the State Grid Tianjin Jinghai Power Supply Co., Ltd. communist Party member service team to Tianjin Andashun Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the company’s distribution transformers, power distribution room, and on-site help to guide enterprises to use electricity in a scientific and safe way, the company’s general manager Ouzhexi gave a thumbs-up to the service of the power department.In order to ensure that after the Spring Festival in the park, the demand of the enterprise, its power supply co., LTD. The sea of tranquility in tianjin to ensure reliable power supply, on the basis of the comprehensive carding area electricity data in all walks of life, consumption data and the current production enterprise through gathering before regular production of electricity, and the big data analysis, calculation, formed the return to work and production power index,Generate clear charts and curves to provide accurate service.Wang Lin, director of the Sub-tooth Power Supply Service Center of State Grid Tianjin Jinghai Power Supply Co., LTD, said:”In our daily work, through the initiative to visit the park, enterprises to carry out electricity safety services, at the same time in-depth understanding of the enterprise’s electricity demand, to help enterprises to investigate electricity safety hazards, solve electricity safety problems, and according to the actual needs of enterprises to develop personalized service plan, to provide power for the full production of enterprises.”Since returning to work after the Spring Festival, State Grid Tianjin Jinghai Power Supply Co., Ltd. has visited more than 100 service enterprises.In the next step, the company will be combined with the enterprise to handle the shutdown situation, further check the enterprise resumption of work and production time, arrange special personnel to do a good job of tracking service, to ensure reliable electricity consumption.Source: Jing Hai Rong Media END