Ways to stay positive and highly aware

2022-07-28 0 By

Whether you’re scrolling through any social media or browsing these platforms for information, stay alert and aware.Don’t used to see what all empathy, especially for those negative energy heavy information, such as after you finish reading gives birth to fear, worry, sigh, negative emotions, such as being bitter, you will immediately sense, all the information in the mood to low, without exception are need you to block, for, without exception, to block.Some people say, why run away and deny it?For the universal energy works on the basis that what you don’t care about is irrelevant to you, and by indifference I mean not caring about it from the subconscious to the conscious, rather than the brain feeling doom receding and the subconscious fear and worry attracting the associated manifestation.Don’t get used to empathy and stop your brain from overthinking it.For example, some people have the habit of thinking that they will kill a boatload of people with a stick because they see many married people making fun of the mess of their marriage. They believe that marriage is a tragedy, and then fear marriage and contagion to others around them.First of all, most marriages in the secular world do have their own problems, but nothing can be too absolute.Everyone’s situation is different, and the misfortune of others may not be the same for you, and the luck of others may not be the same for you.Therefore, it is easy to make wrong judgments if you overthink others’ stories and then copy them on your own. Besides wasting time, it is meaningless to let negative energy affect your originally stable mood.Consciously avoiding negative information that doesn’t have anything to do with you is blocking negative energy at its source.Think of yourself as a launchpad for your thoughts. Your thoughts are like radio waves.When these radio waves are emitted, you, as a human being, act as a magnet, attracting into your life the thoughts and energies of the universe.Everything that comes out of your thoughts, feelings, heart, and words attracts you into your life.You need to focus all your energy on the good things you want to have.There’s a good way to visualize yourself having it.For example, when you see a when bloggers share their good life, for family owned luxury, happy feelings, financial freedom to go where you want to go, children and parents together of the time when these good things, you feel your heart is full of jealousy and self-pity and ai, or to genuinely and hi good praise others’ good forever?If you are the latter, it means that good energy is already on its way.