Replaying 2021 Online Movies: “Slim down” and “Shape up”

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Photo @ vision China | mirror entertainment over the past 2021 years, the highest point of the single network film collecting box office stop “hinggan mountains hunter legend” of 44.291 million, while looking online movie box office list in nearly three years, the data can only be ranked fourth.Not only has the box office record not been broken, but the number of films grossing 10 million dollars has dropped to 68 from 77 in 2020.In addition, according to the 2021 Annual Report on China’s Online Film Industry jointly released by the Online Film Working Committee of The China Film Association, yunhe Data, Youku, IQiyi and Tencent Video, the number of new online films released in 2021 plummeted to 551, down 28 percent year on year.On the surface, it looks like a bad year for online movies.However, in this year, the impact of the epidemic on the production capacity of the film industry virtually hindered the entrance of blind people. The collective exploration of the online film business model by the platform accelerated the process of industry standardization, boosted the user base to further expand, and the overall box office space went up accordingly.Behind this, along with the growth of the industry’s new forces, video platforms and traditional big factories together to divide the scope of influence, industry qualitative change is quietly brewing.The year 2020 used to be a banner year for online films.The box office of the two films has reached more than 50 million, but at the same time, it has also intensified the siphon effect of the overall network film market.According to Maoyan, only nine waist films earned between 20 million yuan and 40 million yuan each year, while in 2021, the number will reach 15.The increase in the number of waist films means that the overall box office attraction of the online film market is enhanced, which also reflects, to a certain extent, that the online film industry has precipitated a relatively large and stable audience.Data from the report show that in 2021, the effective broadcast volume of new online films reached 13.63 million, up 37% year on year.In terms of the whole year, according to mirror entertainment statistics, the cumulative distribution of the Top50 online films at the box office in 2021 is about 1.67 billion yuan, up over 65% from 1.01 billion yuan in 2020.In this, the subject matter of network film constantly touches new field.In addition to the early mass of fantasy and fantasy content, e-sports, action, comedy, war, science fiction, family, thriller, reality and other types of network movies, also began to frequently run a share of box office over ten million works.However, the overall evolution of the popular theme of network movies, or with the market trend of hot films, explosive plays overall fit.Moreover, the creation cycle of online films is shorter, and they can catch up with the theme more quickly in terms of content output.For example, after war films such as “eight hundred” and “kumgang chuan” exploded in the market, similar online films such as “blood of the unknown” and “fight or die” entered the Top20 box office in 2021.Among them, The box office of “Blood and Nameless Rivers” reached more than 33 million yuan.After “White Snake” earned nearly 500 million yuan at the box office, “White Snake” also earned 30.928 million yuan at the online box office.Although the gap is still wide, when it comes to audiences, the former drove 13.87 million people to the cinema, while the latter’s cumulative audience on the Internet reached more than 10.3 million.Along with this trend, content chains around cinema films, dramas and network films began to be further explored.In February 2021, the drama “Taonju”, produced by Xinli TV, Tencent Pictures, China Literature Film and TV, and jointly produced by IQiyi, aroused a wave of drama following.Then in August, an online film with the same distribution was released. Despite the replacement of the main creative team, the film’s cumulative box office distribution still reached nearly 26 million yuan.To some extent, with the continuous expansion of the network film market, this form of content is also being re-examined.At the beginning of 2021, the Network Film Working Committee of China Film Association, together with IQiyi, Tencent Video and Youku, formally proposed the concept of “Network film Spring Festival”.Back then, the three platforms released a joint list of 43 films.Among them, “The Rich Diary” starring Song Xiaobao and “The Legend of Shaolin Temple” starring Wang Baoqiang are the main forces of this season, and both films are available on the three platforms in a pay-per-view mode.While box office figures aren’t publicly available, figures in the report show that 190 million and 130 million feature films were effectively streamed, respectively.In this process, the definition of schedule and platform cooperation also affect the future development of the industry.On the one hand, more films have reached higher box office with the help of their schedules.Only among the Top20 films with cumulative distribution of box office in 2021, legend of the hunter of the xing ‘an mountains and blood in the nameless river, which were two days earlier than qingming festival, ranked the top three in the list, jexinggao zhao, which was broadcast on qixi festival, huangpi youzhong, rush hour of siping police and life and death during National Day, etc.The cumulative distribution of box office also reached more than 20 million.On the other hand, platform partnerships are pushing up the box office ceiling for simultaneous releases.In 2021, only 39 online films will be broadcasted on multiple platforms, accounting for only 7%. However, 10 films will be broadcasted on multiple platforms, accounting for 20% of the Top50 films in annual box office distribution.Behind this, the platform’s exploration of the spelling mode is also an intuitive manifestation of the further improvement of the accounting rules of the network film industry and the continuous improvement of the standardization of the industry.Creators can take advantage of more transparent billing rules and work on multiple platforms at the same time to maximize box office space.The box office performance of multiplatform multiplexes in 2021 will accelerate this trend into the industry’s new normal.In such an overall situation, the industry is relatively optimistic about the future development of network films.Data from the report shows that in 2021, the proportion of films with investment costs of more than 10 million yuan has reached 30 percent, and more than 60 percent of online films cost more than 6 million yuan, while the figure was only 11 percent in 2019.Of course, the cost of investment is directly linked to the expected box office, and in the current limited market, such a scale of investment will put pressure on the return of some films.However, in the process of collective exploration and standardized development of the industry, the imagination brought by film quality improvement and market base expansion will gradually drive the industry to achieve more considerable commercial returns.At least for now, 2021 has already seen critical and box office hits like Tough Guy Gun, which scored 7 out of 10 on Douban and raked in more than 33 million yuan.In terms of the whole market, the overall reputation of the industry’s high-box office online films is also continuously improving, and the benign regression of the content reflects the pace of standardization development of the industry.Head, platforms, companies and layout of the brewing industry in many qualitative change in 2021, the network appeared a lot of familiar faces “in the movie, in addition to the rich Chronicles the Song Xiaobao,” depot legend of shaolin temple “in wang baoqiang, Liu Haoran, ni da hong, Chen xiao chun, xiaoqi, mikey, Vincent zhao, Wu Yue, michelle, huang yi, the artists appeared in movies single network.The emergence of this phenomenon reflects that network film is gradually integrating with various resources in the industry, and more and more practitioners are also re-examining the development of this track.The deep reason behind lies in, the growth of network film is attracting more layout person to enter.For the time being, these layers are focused on three main areas.First of all, after a period of development of network movies, the market has cultivated a part of the head force that spontaneously grows up.For example, among the Top20 films at the box office in 2021, yellow skin tomb, new truant and yellow skin tomb are all newly released films, while tao dream films have dragon coffin tomb: the Wolf king of xixia, fight or die, the night of the past in erlong lake and the angry scalper on the list.In addition, some become the multilateral cooperation in the creation of the filmmaker continues to “hot”, like the Top20 list of director zhang hao’s three films, the producers were behind the new field, penguin, film and television, tao dream network, the director Chen Juli respectively with the new field, cultural cooperation of nanjing certificates “yellow leather grave” and “unloaded ridge recorded the secret”.Secondly, the development of online films has been inseparable from the boost of video platform. From the definition of online films to industry rules and business models, almost all of them are established by the platform.In this process, the platform has gradually become one of the layout forces behind the network film.Iqiyi participated in the production of “Blood and Nameless River” and “Heroes Against The Black”, penguin film distribution “Siping Police Rush Hour”, Tencent Pictures participated in the production of “Jexing High” and other good box office performance.Moreover, the rapid development of network film has also attracted many big companies to take up positions in advance.In 2021, wanda co-produced huangpi zifen and huayi brothers co-produced the angry scalper, both of which entered the Top20 box office.It’s worth noting that wanda and Huayi have teamed up with companies that know more about the online film market than the traditional direct distribution of big studios, such as The industry’s leading film studio and Tao Meng Pictures.From this point of view, the two films to hand over the report card, the probability will also give more traditional big factories with reference, the network film field grew up the head force or will become more big factories into the springboard.Overall, though the online film market in 2021 doesn’t offer many surprises, it even feels like a big drop from 2020.However, from the perspective of industry development, more subdivided themes have produced films with box office breaking tens of millions, platforms have gradually formed joint forces in the joint exploration, and the connection between traditional big factories and emerging forces has become increasingly close. Although these changes are subtle, they are likely to become the key to causing qualitative changes in the industry.