Nanjing housing prices are not low-lying, some residential housing prices have reached 10 thousand flat

2022-07-28 0 By

The Indian Summer of Nanjing property market seems to be not too hot, now Nanjing in order not to let everyone know how cold nanjing property market, in Nanjing ning Xiaotong above, even this real estate how many people sign up can not see.Think about how many new house prices in Nanjing before the sale of housing, you know how cold the new house market in Nanjing.Now nanjing’s second-hand housing and new houses, if not price, pure hard selling, unless there is an obvious upside down, such as the new house, if the new house prices are significantly lower than the second-hand house prices around, then the new house can sell some, but if there is no upside down it is difficult to sell.As for the second-hand housing in Nanjing, it is necessary to see the flicker, not bragging, basically according to the second-hand housing listing price hit 20% to sell out.Nanjing property market regulation has been the most stringent, compared with other cities, Nanjing to fry tenants or left a way to live, did not fry tenants to seal.Because if the fry tenant to seal, the new house is not good to sell.Just like Shenzhen, shenzhen has the fewest houses in China, but when the tenants are locked up, the new houses can’t be sold.Nanjing’s strength is certainly not as good as Shenzhen, so Nanjing to now even the second-hand housing prices are not out.Nanjing house prices are not what low land, Nanjing school district housing has 80 thousand, 9 thousand flat, high even 10 thousand flat, improved housing prices also have 6, 7 thousand flat, ordinary second-hand housing also between 30 thousand to 50 thousand, old broken small and suburban housing is between 1 million to 2 million.Nanjing housing prices are not depressed, homebuyers need to be cautious.# Nanjing # Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to something to ask Uncle Peng about the future trend of real estate something to ask Uncle Peng 100 yuan to buy column