“Low carbon big luck” small program online quickly to achieve “rong baby freedom” bar

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The winter Olympics lingering charm is long, dayun power forward.In 79 days, the 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu will be officially kicked off.As the first world-class comprehensive games held in western China, The Chengdu Games is actively implementing the promotion plan of “safe, green and low-carbon, cultural exchange, technology empowerment, international expression and publicity guidance” under the requirements of “simple, safe and wonderful”.Promote low-carbon transportation and green office in accordance with the principle of “green, frugal and necessary”, actively coordinate new energy vehicles to ensure the promotion of sports venues and centers, technical officials hotel and other key areas to strengthen the supply of green electricity……Chengdu Universiade has made a lot of efforts to organize the games in a green way. As the host city of Chengdu, what green contribution can we make to the Universiade?On April 8, the wechat mini program of “low-carbon Universiade” was launched to encourage people from all walks of life to form a joint effort for “low-carbon universiade” and help achieve the goal of “carbon neutrality” of chengdu Universiade.Through the mini program, each user can take practical actions to participate in the universiade energy reduction and emission reduction activities, and jointly add green to Chengdu, the universiade city and park city.In the “low carbon Universiade” mini program, you can not only get the first time to know about the preparations for the Universiade and the event information, but also get all kinds of low carbon life tips, cold knowledge, contains the “green” amount is very high.More gifts to help you achieve “Rong Baby Freedom” and “low carbon big Luck” mini program, of course, low carbon participation.After logging in to the mini program, each user can receive a “small tree”, through walking, cycling, subway, bus and other low-carbon travel ways, users can get the corresponding “little green bubble” — carbon credits every day.By accumulating carbon points, you can not only exchange real universiade souvenirs, realize “rong Bao Bao freedom”, but also donate saplings for the Universiade.Before the opening of the Universiade, the organizers will invite lucky users and representatives of universiade promoters to plant a universiade dream tree in chengdu, the park city.Users who participate in the “low carbon Universiade” activities can also become the “green guardian” of chengdu Universiade, receive exclusive environmental protection certificate, while making a call for the Chengdu Universiade, they can also receive a special honor.Since the beginning of preparation, the Chengdu Universiade has been adhering to the concept of “green, smart, dynamic and shared”, focusing on highlighting the characteristics of low-carbon wisdom.During the preparation period of the Universiade, Chengdu also started from transportation, energy, venues and other aspects, always adhere to the green and low-carbon competition, strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, do everything possible to be practical and frugal, and further promote the technology enabling — Chengdu has opened the universiade subway and bus lines, and launched the Universiade themed shared bikes.During the Universiade, venues, athletes’ villages and the main press center will be fully covered with “green electricity” generated by renewable energy.Chengdu will continue to organize a series of activities for the Universiade to benefit the people, and promote the opening of the universiade venues that meet the requirements, so that the universiade venues will continue to play an important role in enriching the cultural and sports life of citizens.Since its successful bid in December 2018, the Chengdu Universiade and the city’s development have been mutually empowering and reinforcing.Coincidentally, in March of this year, just before the opening of the Chengdu Universiade, The State Council approved and published the overall Plan for Chengdu to Build a Park City Demonstration Area based on the New Development concept. The new picture of park City, namely, building a city in the park, having a garden in the city, pushing the window to see the green and going out to see the garden, was in full bloom.Natural park, country park, city park, sports park, blue and green park system is gradually taking shape.Green rong City, water embellish Tianfu, let us work together as a good universiade host, to add green park city.Chengdu is ready for the invitation of youth and China!Scan code to participate in the experience of “low carbon luck” to win carbon points, red Star news reporter Li Bo pei Han editor Ou Peng (download red Star news, the news will be rewarded!)