Liangcheng County Maihutu Institute of Justice to give full play to judicial functions to help optimize the law-based business environment

2022-07-28 0 By

In order to thoroughly implement the relevant arrangements and work requirements of the regional political and legal organs’ discussion on “Welcoming the 20th National Congress, Optimizing the Law-based Business Environment and ensuring high-quality development through services”, give full play to the guiding, regulating and guaranteeing role of the rule of law in the business environment, and ensure high-quality economic and social development through services,Liangcheng County Maihutu Judicial Institute has carried out the promotion of optimizing the business environment and the rule of law in the enterprises under its jurisdiction.Liangcheng County Maihutu Judicial office visited and propagandized the enterprises in the three administrative villages under its jurisdiction. Through visiting the enterprises and distributing publicity materials to the masses, we understood the development needs of enterprises and the existing problems, and publicized the laws, regulations and policies to optimize the business environment.Through this publicity campaign, enterprises and the public have been more aware of policies and regulations on optimizing the business environment, and the legitimate rights and interests of market players have been safeguarded.The activity visited 4 enterprises, distributed more than 200 brochures and legal gifts to optimize the business environment, and received more than 20 people.In the next step, Liangcheng Maihutu Institute of Justice will continue to promote the fine, standardized and standardized construction of judicial administration, give full play to judicial administration functions, optimize the business environment under the rule of law, and effectively improve work efficiency, work efficiency and service quality.