Identify and promote mediation mediation solution MinYou | qinghai province consumer association established foreign-funded consumer rights protection service station

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China quality news network news for real practice wholeheartedly for customer service mission, his mind grasps consumer supreme idea, proof for used car field consumer disputes, identify problems, strengthening difficult to resolve disputes, and promote the construction of safe and rest assured consumption environment, on the morning of March 10, qinghai province consumer association jointly associated city consumers association,In qinghai xiaoxia second-hand car market held second-hand car consumption rights service station opening ceremony.Qinghai Market Supervision Bureau in charge of leadership, Haidong Market Supervision Bureau mainly responsible for comrades and related principals and mainstream media in the province attended.Attending leaders visit used car consumer rights protection service station construction situation, in-depth understanding and inquiring about used car trade, inspection, identification, after-sales service content, disappear assist the introduction of consumer rights and stressed that used car service station is the province “identification of mediation integration” model of a kind of exploration and innovation, and with the help of a professional technical force effectively solve the consumer demands an effective way.At the same time, to the provincial consumer association and service stations put forward requirements: first, to earnestly perform the supervision, guidance, give full play to the role of service stations to guide, strengthen the propaganda and education;Second, we should standardize the procedures for accepting, investigating, mediating and entrusting complaints of consumers, and properly handle every complaint of consumers in a timely manner.Third, we should summarize the work experience of “integration of appraisal and mediation” in a timely manner, promote the construction of diversified consumer dispute mediation mechanism in the province, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.After the opening ceremony, the Qinghai Consumers’ Association organized operators to explain the laws and regulations such as the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests and the Civil Code, and conducted business guidance and training for the service station staff on complaint acceptance, investigation, mediation, entrusted identification and case entry.(Contributed by: Qinghai Market Supervision Bureau)