Fujian family first time to see a distant married aunt, back when aunt a move instant tears collapse

2022-07-28 0 By

Guide language: the woman visits the aunt of far marry, an action causes a woman to shed tears, how is this to return a responsibility?Let’s take a look.Recently, in Ningde, Fujian province, a woman went with her father to visit her aunt, who had married from Quanzhou to Ningde. It was the first time for her family to visit her after more than 40 years of marriage.Because of some trivial things, aunt would have been no chance to go home, this year, the woman went to visit her aunt, with dad to see family and see yourself, aunt is very happy, also prepared the firecrackers to meet, in aunt’s house, aunt prepared very rich food, the next day, the family leave, aunt bought some firecrackers again, see aunt busy figure,The woman could not help but shed tears.Net friend read very moved, can not help but follow to stay tears.”For my aunt, this is probably the most polite thing she can do. It’s to let everyone know that her family has come to visit her,” one netizen explained.Another netizen said: “Seeing my aunt busy figure, my heart is also very uncomfortable, after I will never marry far away.”See here, small make up want to say, for aunt, the family visit will bring her very impressed, because far away some other pressure, they can’t and have close family members, more than 40 years, aunt in the mind must be very miss my family, but he finally saw the family this year, also be reunited.Conclusion: the woman has not seen her mother’s family for 40 years, and finally reunited this year.