Dare to call yourself “street bully”, Wuling Hongguang MINI GAMEBOY to challenge

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If you call yourself a street fighter, this car must be brave.After all, the nickname “Street Fighter” sounds funny, strong and kind of cute.On April 8th, SAIC-GM-Wuling announced that the MINIEV GAMEBOY was officially launched.This is the second wuling MINI EV model after the popular wuling MINI EV model, mainly targeting young people’s car demand model, just listen to the name can have a strong cool style, GAMEBOY, do you still remember?GAMEBOY, if the word is separated, is a GAMEBOY, the first portable GAME console released by Nintendo in 1989.GB has three revised models, which are small size GBP, GBL with backlight function, and color GBC.If memory serves, in the time of my childhood, it don’t know how many price of small machine also accompanied me through a lot of times, then playmates, they can play on the street corner GB, everybody poking fun at each other with their own technology, encourage each other, and each of the parents urged to go home to have a meal, I don’t know since when, GB is the symbol of a kind of time,The world hidden in a little game console becomes a kind of mental anchor for our real lives.In February, Wuling announced that its trademark had finally been approved.The brand – new trademark may bring different market play for Wuling automobile.And this logo turns out to be our childhood memories.In February, Wuling obtained the approval of GAMEBOY trademark and wuling game pilot and a series of cross-border operations.Saic-gm-wuling, which has always been able to play, began to look for a new world in the game world. It announced that it would open the fashion creation game world with great impact, and launched the GAMEBOY, the protagonist of the game and a new member of the Hongguang MINI EV family.After this news, both the game circle and the car circle are burning, everyone is looking forward to, how to match with the car with GAMEBOY, and how to do more content in a small car?Now, however, Wuling seems to have done it again.The GAMEBOY will come with four models: play with a 200km range, Play with a 200km range, Play with a 300km range and Play with a 300km range, priced at 55,800 yuan, 57,800 yuan, 67,800 yuan and 69,800 yuan, respectively.It’s a little more expensive than the Grand Light MINI EV, but don’t worry, it’s expensive for a reason.Personality, trend, dynamic, fresh, will be in the macro light GAMEBOY body in a glance.First of all, the appearance of the new car is personalized, and the range of the new car can provide two choices of 200km/300km. In addition, the new car synchronously carries the online “first domestic original personalized customization service platform” to meet users’ more personalized customization needs and achieve thousands of cars and thousands of samples.At the scene of the new car launch conference, Wuling told everyone that the blind ordering process has been opened before, and the orders for GAMEBOY have exceeded 30,000 units in 30 days from March 9th to April 8th.Through MINI EV earlier, good market reputation and marketing in the present young people occupy the purchasing power of the environment, wuling fans already has a ring, and a lot of attention to wuling brand very high users, before the unlisted, already pick up the car first, and if you have spontaneously organized a group of communication, communication as well.This is enough to prove that the popularity of Wuling automobile is not only a temporary nature, but also an automobile phenomenon sustained by the brand and market forces.On the other hand, Wuling also points out, “Behind hongguang MINIEV owners, 72% of them will make some trendy modifications and innovations on their cars. Based on this, China Wuling hopes to join hands with younger users to create a trendy innovation culture of new energy in China.Hongguang MINIEV proves that this car is also a product with the highest conversion rate in China……”And it turns out that the Street Fighter GAMEBOY has more of these features thanks to the culture of the revolution.Just like what Wuling said, “What the people need, Wuling will make, people need more fashionable mobility, Wuling launched hongguang MINIEV macaron;People wanted something stronger, bigger, faster and cooler, so we came up with the MINIEV GAMEBOY.”The key words around MINIEV GAMEBOY have always been fashion and cool. In order to cater to the concept of cool, GAMEBOY models have many subtle design features, such as wheels, side wraps, skin, roof, and lights, etc., which can be combined with trendy creative kits.The official also launched hurricane Phantom, jungle through, star trek, party sweetheart four theme cars, for the user’s customized proofing.In addition, you can also use the LING LAB platform, which is equipped with 9 categories such as practical luggage, personalized car stickers, theme color film, and exclusive hubcaps, extending more than 100,000 kinds of DIY gameplay.This is also the article mentioned in the “domestic first factory personalized customization service platform” online, to meet the needs of users more personalized customization, thousands of cars thousands of samples.Interpretation.So far, more than 150,000 online users have generated 430,354 creative creations.Of course, for a pure electric model of new energy, on the basis of good looks, users also care about battery life, intelligent configuration of vehicles, etc., which wuling will not fall naturally.The GAMEBOY will offer a range of 200/300km and a 30kW electric drive system with a maximum torque of 110N·m.At present, its length, width and height are 3061*1520*1665mm respectively. In such a small space, the designers of wuling have brought a huge storage space for young people. There are 13 storage Spaces, and they can place small objects at will.Find your sense of space.In wuling’s own words, GAMEBOY is not only a new car and new product, but also a brand new experience mode of car + trendy innovation kit.With the LING LAB invested heavily, Wuling tries to use a new way to make cars, people and the world solidify differently.The platform also gradually forms a new cultural circle layer, including LING Club cultural community, regional car playing circle layer and pan-automobile life circle layer, to create a cultural exchange front for users.National 198 cities, 246 stores, this is the persistence and ambition, wuling for capturing the market how to accurately and quickly, wuling has always had his own understanding, whether in the past “king” of the era of wuling macro light, or the global sales of the macro MINIEV light, from the practical to the individual character, precision from ordinary users to the user,This magnificent turn of Wuling is amazing every time. Do not doubt that wuling, which sounds ordinary, may be innovating a vehicle mode for China’s new energy market, and moving toward high-end and higher vehicle goals, which is also Wuling’s vision.With the official launch of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY, the market of Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY continues. Although the game bearing our childhood memories has left us, Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY has come, with more weight, more surprises, and more understanding of the new world.