Children frequently do “small movements” may be tic disorder: more often in childhood to boys

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Xiamen Net news (Xiamen Daily reporter Fang Shu correspondent MAO Lingzhi Li Qibin) many parents have experienced their children frequently blinking, sniffing, nuzzling or shrugging the shoulders.Parents may mistake their child for being restless, mischievous, or copying other people’s movements, but in fact the child may have tic disorder.Xiamen Hongai Hospital and Xiamen City hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine pediatric experts, this issue will be interpreted for you how to identify tic disorders, and how to scientific treatment.The diagnosis and treatment of tic disorder involves both mental and neurological disciplines, said Chen Ling, director of the department of Pediatrics of Xiamen Hongai Hospital, tic disorder is a chronic children’s psycho-nervous system disease that starts in childhood and takes tic as the main clinical manifestation.The main clinical manifestations are motor twitch, vocal twitch, or both.The so-called sports twitch, including frequent blinking, sniffing, nuzzling, shoulders, head, belly, hips, tiptoe and other “small movements”, and some even uncontrollable abnormal movements of hands and feet.Vocal tic will have frequent throat clearing, dry cough, throat squeaks, individual children will bark like a dog, cat bark, swear and so on.Twitch disorder appears more in the child’s emotional tension or pressure is too large, such as before and after the exam, scolded, before performing on stage.Most children in the quiet relaxed situation, the movement will slowly reduce, or even disappear.Liang Zhizhong of director of paediatric department of hospital in Xiamen city expresses, unearth from Angle of traditional Chinese medicine, inchal children twitch is more in movement twitch obstacle, among them facial local muscle twitch is more common, companion has temper more urgent, theory of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to be concerned with liver wind, namely the irascience that we say normally is exuberant;Middle children are easy to combine with repeated throat clearing symptoms, Chinese medicine theory that it is closely related to spleen deficiency phlegm;In the later stage, the children with small tic range, but there will be personality, behavior and thinking abnormalities, is one of the symptoms of Yin and Yang imbalance.Two experts said that tic disorders are more common in children, including more than 3 years old to school age, puberty also has.By sex, the incidence is higher in boys than girls.Both experts said that tic disorders can lead to children’s inattention and affect learning;There are personality development problems, social withdrawal and social barriers, which bring negative impact and burden to the family. Therefore, the family and society should pay attention to it.Because tic disorder has a great relationship with the psychological factors of children, so in terms of treatment, the combination of behavioral therapy and drug therapy is preferred.Director Chen Ling treated a boy in grade three.The teacher asked the boy to have his hair cut before school started. The parents took the boy to have his hair cut twice, but the teacher was not satisfied.The third time, the teacher simply cut his hair at school.The boy suffered from tic disorder, and not only could he wink and wink uncontrollably, he also became very bad-tempered and refused to go back to school under any pretext.”Many parents at first think the child is naughty or imitating and choose to criticize the education, which only worsens the child’s illness.”Director Chen Ling said, so into a vicious circle: convulsive children if the cause of disease is learning pressure or mental tension, parents because of anxiety and repeated education, criticism, will lead to more nervous children, academic performance more decline, tic symptoms aggravate……But some of the onset of tic disorder is more confusing, such as some children are frequent throat clearing, dry cough, blinking, some children learn to meow, dog bark or swear, it is easy to be mistaken for pharyngitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis or simple “impolite”.Therefore, parents should have a “string” in the heart, found that children’s frequent movements are not controlled, to timely medical treatment.In the case that Director Liang Zhizhong received, there was a boy who was very angry when he went to the doctor because his illness had been delayed for a long time, and he talked back to his parents regardless of occasion, which was obviously difficult to control.Besides drug treatment, there should be psychological counseling and behavioral guidance. As parents, how should they judge whether their children suffer from tic disorder in daily life? Should they seek medical treatment?Director Chen Ling said, mainly to see the frequency of tic attacks, whether it affects learning, there is no psychological abnormalities.Occasionally, it is not necessary to be too anxious, relax, normal life, such as abnormal movement is obviously too frequent, long course of disease, can be considered to the hospital.Director Liang zhizhong suggested that parents should pay close attention to their children’s temperament, whether there is a sudden change, etc.In drug therapy, western medicine suggests reasonable adjustment of dopamine secretion as the main direction.According to the different manifestations of the children in the early, middle and late stages, TCM dialectically treats the children from the overall concept of TCM. The more commonly used treatments are oral Chinese medicine (decoction, granules), acupoint application, ear acupoints and so on.Both experts said that in addition to medication, parents should cooperate with doctors to carry out psychological counseling and behavioral guidance for their children.Do not always blame the child, to encourage more, let the child self-confidence more powerful;More development, so that children’s amateur life more rich.Meanwhile, parents are advised to communicate with schools and teachers in a timely manner to create a more tolerant, relaxed and pleasant learning and living environment for their children.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: