Bazhou: Makeshift hospital built in 36 hours

2022-07-28 0 By

A total of 43 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 613 asymptomatic cases had been reported in Bazhou as of 24:00 on March 27, mainly in Yangfengang town and Shengfang Town, according to the 17th COVID-19 prevention and control press conference held in The city on March 28.According to the report, in order to ensure that key personnel can receive medical treatment in a timely manner, Bazhou has further improved the establishment of medical institutions, strengthening the allocation of treatment beds, equipment and professional and technical personnel, and continuously improving the medical treatment capacity.Designated hospitals and “yellow code” hospitals that have been put into operation are operating normally.Among them, the designated hospital was expanded on March 26, adding 41 beds, bringing the total number of beds to 131 and receiving 115 patients.The yellow Code hospital has received 136 patients, including 16 emergency patients.The construction of the makeshift hospital was started on the evening of March 23, and the site was located in Bazhou Four Season Sunshine Badminton Hall. The formal construction began at 6 o ‘clock on March 24, and the basic construction was completed at 18 o ‘clock on March 25, reaching the delivery conditions. A total construction area of 3,100 square meters and 458 beds were set up.It took 36 hours from design to construction to the preparation of epidemic prevention and daily necessities.Assessment by the Expert Group is pending.The construction of temporary accommodation isolation sites is being accelerated. At present, 197 isolation rooms have been delivered, which can be put into use on the afternoon of 28th, and another 197 rooms can be put into use on the morning of 29th.If there is a shortage of medical resources, the makeshift isolation point can be quickly converted into a makeshift hospital to ensure that all key personnel receive medical treatment in a timely manner.(Reporter Yan Li, Editor Wang Jing)