Diced chicken balls with mushroom and lotus root

2022-07-27 0 By

New Year’s Eve dinner is indispensable balls. In addition to braised lion’s head dishes, there are home-style versions, which are suitable for soup, braised balls, and steamed chicken balls with mushroom and diced lotus root.Ingredients mushroom 100g diced lotus root 200g chicken 500g wheat flour 20g five-spice powder 5g salt appropriate amount of oyster sauce according to two methods/step 1, clean, mushroom diced lotus root, chicken, respectively cooking into stuffing, put in the mixing basin.2. Add 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon flour, oyster sauce and five spice powder, and stir well to form batter.3. Use two spoons to shape the batter into balls.Deep fry in hot oil until the balls swell.4. After frying, remove the oil control.Just out of the pot of balls xuan soft crisp incense, one breath can eat several.Meatballs are really a dish suitable for all kinds of cooking methods. They can be both meat and vegetarian. They are delicious when fried straight out of the pot, and rich in flavor when steamed in seasoned soup.Refrigerated in the refrigerator, but also can usually do not want to cook lazy, take out soup, add fresh vegetables ball soup.