Changsha shared motorcycles to upgrade the “triple elimination” epidemic prevention measures to make citizens travel safer

2022-07-27 0 By

The operation and maintenance staff of The hello shared motorcycle sterilizes the vehicle on Jinxing Road.Rednet Moment News March 25 (Reporter Pan Jin) During the epidemic, shared motorcycles have become a choice for many citizens to travel.Recently, in Changsha Jinxing Middle Road subway station, Xiangjiang Middle Road subway station, the campus of Central South University and other places, you can see a lot of operation and maintenance masters holding orange sprayers in the road to do the full brand of shared motorcycles, no difference in elimination.”In central South University, where I am in charge, disinfection is carried out every morning and afternoon. In addition to spraying disinfection, the disinfectant must be wiped evenly with a rag.”Master Haloyunwei dai said that only good eradication during the epidemic, people can feel safe riding.”According to the background data, the use rate of shared bikes in subway stations is very high recently, so we cycled around hexi subway stations to carry out high-intensity elimination.”Master Jiang is responsible for the fixed operation and maintenance of Halo shared motorcycles in The Jinxing Road area of Hexi. Every morning, he adjusted the proportion of disinfection water and went out with a sprayer to go on duty.In addition to the body, he also on the handlebar, seat, lifting switch and other high frequency contact position to focus on spraying wipe.At noon and evening every day, he and his colleagues will centrally eliminate vehicles in areas with large human flow, such as nucleic acid testing sites, subway entrances and residential areas.Hello travel hunan cycling xiao-chuan liu, head of the business, said: “to fully ensure the security of citizens to ride, hello upgrade ‘triple shoppers’ epidemic prevention measures, namely vehicle outbound to shoppers, on the surface of the road vehicle indifference shoppers regardless of brand, as well as the key prevention area centralized sanitizers, xiaosha frequency and link all the upgrade.”The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original