U.S. stock volatility: Popular Chinese stocks continued to fall, with FUTU Holdings (FUTU.US) down more than 9%

2022-07-26 0 By

As of press time, FUTU Holdings (FUtu.us) fell more than 9%, Manbang (YMM.US), DIDI (didi.us) fell more than 8%, Pinduoduo (DD.us) fell more than 7%, JD (JD.US) fell more than 6%.Ctrip (Tcom.us) fell more than 5%, Alibaba (Baba.us) and Ideal Automobile (Li.us) fell more than 4%.The US Securities and Exchange Commission added Futu Holdings and other companies to its “pre-delisting list”, which is the third batch of Chinese stocks to be added to the list since March.