Property anti-epidemic while in progress

2022-07-26 0 By

In the middle of March 2022, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Tangshan was grim and complicated, and the infected people appeared in Cangzhou, Yutian and other cities one after another. The city attached great importance to epidemic prevention and control, immediately implemented lockdown control, strictly prevented and protected the city, and firmly built the barrier of epidemic.In order to protect the safety of citizens, the city has carried out several rounds of nucleic acid testing. As the service workers of the community residents, property management is bound to contribute to the epidemic control during the severe period of the epidemic.On the afternoon of March 19, the city organized nucleic acid testing for all staff, informed by the superior.The Property Management Department of Junhe Community immediately held a special deployment meeting and set up two nucleic acid testing sites in the community, respectively on the south side of Building 5 and building 3.Repairmen set up tents and set up warning belts.Due to the weather, the tent was repeatedly blown down by the wind, and the teachers carried out maintenance day and night. They never complained, did not say bitter, did not shout tired, and at the same time, the maintenance work has never been dragged down.On the premise of not affecting work, the customer service staff selected 2 volunteers every day in turn to cooperate with the neighborhood committee for nucleic acid testing. Due to the rapid epidemic situation and insufficient preparation in the early stage, the customer service staff cooperated with the neighborhood committee to conduct nucleic acid testing for residents who could not reach the site, and had to work into the night almost every day.Cleaning personnel carry out a full range of daily elimination, large to the road, hall, elevator, corridor, small to handrails, elevator keys, garbage cans and other positions, repeated elimination, and strive to achieve full coverage, zero blind area.The security team immediately started the emergency plan, shut down other imports and exports of the community, leaving only the east gate of the community, and increase the number of sentry posts at the gate of the community.Strictly in accordance with the control standards to check the import and export of vehicles in the community, to ensure the protection of every resident in the community.Due to the particularity of the community, in order to ensure the safety of the community owners and the convenience and safety of the apartment owners, we communicate with the neighborhood committee to set up another detection point in the business district. Under the condition of the tension of the property personnel, the security personnel of fu Mansion and Star Mansion downstairs are still reasonably arranged to guard them.Building materials City merchants Mona Lisa Ceramics, Altrang Lighting and Qinyuan Water purification donated materials to the property.Today, testing has been done twice a week instead of once a day.Our city has a number of property companies hand in hand, there are many such stories.We have no professional knowledge, no isolation clothes, no goggles, no fear, no timidity in the face of the epidemic, thousands of property owners together to contribute a small and great force for the epidemic.