On the way to training, they saw a car accident. They got off immediately for emergency rescue!

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On the afternoon of February 9, mianyang City, Sichuan province, you Xian District People’s Court bailiffs brigade on their way to xian Hai combat training base for physical training, accidentally met a serious traffic accident.Because of the sudden incident, the relevant rescue team has not arrived at the scene, the bailiff immediately got off to carry out the rescue.The picture shows the bailiff of Youxian District Court carrying out emergency rescue on the road.In the accident, the car crashed into the barrier, causing the barrier steel pipe into the car windshield, causing a serious head injury, the car driver’s life is in danger.In addition to passing vehicles, onlookers more, serious traffic jam, the situation is unusual emergency.Led the bailiff brigade commander made a prompt decision, immediately organized bailiff separately to carry out rescue.First, immediately open the car door, unfasten the safety belt of the injured, adjust the seat away from the steel pipe, find a towel to stop the bleeding of the injured, and communicate with the injured in language to calm their emotions and keep them conscious.Second, arrange personnel to dial 120 and 119 rescue numbers to request additional support;Third, timely evacuation of people and vehicles to maintain smooth traffic.Subsequently, the public security traffic police, fire personnel, first aid personnel have arrived at the scene, the bailiff to assist the ambulance personnel to carry the injured to the ambulance, immediately rushed to the hospital treatment.In recent years, you Xian District Court bailiff many times involved in flood fighting, fire fighting, traffic rescue and other events, timely protection of people’s property and life safety, with practical action to highlight the nature of justice for the people, set up a good image of you Xian District Court bailiff wholeheartedly serve the people.Source: people’s FaYuanBao article/photo: Bai Si fung Zhang li Zhang shu the | editor: LuLu Wang He