Broad net friends, not krypton gold can brush equipment of the game you know?I highly recommend it

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What are not krypton gold, but also brush equipment of the game, this is we do not want to charge money of the people concerned, then I will recommend a few for you.Recently I was playing free fantasy mobile tour, feel very good, is a bit of time, the trading system there is face to face trading, basically not treasures of the trade without what requirements.The best equipment requires a friend rating.If you are lucky, you can earn a small sum of money. The 75 + books are quite valuable.Equipment weapons dozen out of cheap tens of dollars, expensive can sell hundreds.There’s a 12-year-old game called Noah:2D game, suitable for casual players, have the ability to microgram can also have a relatively rapid improvement, there are more gameplay and skills, after mastering the basic can be self-sufficient, but also can pay RMB, equipment can be upgraded to success, PK and world BOSS system is also very suitable, want to fight to leisure can find their own positioning,The main reason is that there are a lot of interactive experiences in the game.Exile road, the only one without charging a penny can also play games, is time-consuming, playing for a long time to understand, in addition to the skills in special effects and warehouse page bazaar raised money to buy and buy it doesn’t matter, every season to send login time also send, also sent to complete the task and the special effects and skin without any bonus to look good.There is no market page can be shouted in the trading channel can team trade, any other materials entirely by brush, the official does not sell any equipment and materials, all rely on players to brush and trade, play well can also sell equipment and materials to make money.Another game is Ghost, Legend of the Dim Moon.This game, the gameplay is similar to DNF, first upgrade to full level 60, after is to brush equipment, brush gold coins, strengthen.One account can build 6 characters, the game has account warehouse, can use 5 characters brush money brush equipment to raise a character, liver can be krypton.Later equipment can be transformed into more advanced equipment, or quite conscience.The late copy of the day grass, the ground copy is also very interesting.Bad point I feel is later period aggrandizement too TMD expends gold coin, might as well try.Of course krypton gold and not krypton gold is very simple people desire less natural not krypton gold, such as pesticide if play well do not need krypton gold can also play rod of course, the inscription is slowly accumulated on their own!Now not the game of krypton gold too little charge money to sell the game to buy the server too much!Without krypton there’s certainly not a lot of desire and not a lot of impulse.Brush equipment of the game is actually quite a lot, but not krypton gold words I still recommend brothers to play super fight dream, test when I touch all the way over, basically all rely on the map of equipment and rewards, a dime to play krypton is also very cool.And as a brush map game super fight feel is also good, skills and general attack feeling are online, as an online game is absolutely the first echelon.There are also a lot of professions, such as swordsman, gunslinger, ice law, combat and so on can be transferred in the 20 level, double selection set can also let people have more diverse choices.It’s not about money, it’s about equipment, but are you willing to pay for a month’s credit card?If you can accept the monthly card, I would recommend the xia Yi Dao 1 premium server.”Alien World Chronicles” is a game e-commerce combined game, the user will explode goods by beating strange, do tasks, do not spend a penny, goods can also package mail home.Wow has everything you need!Animals, characters, skills, equipment, all in the game can brush!