Where is jing ‘an Cemetery in Beijing?What’s the scale?

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Jing ‘an Cemetery is located in the west of Gongzhufen Village, Yan Town, Fangshan District, Beijing.Fangshan district and Hebei Zhuozhou border, is located in the north China plain and Taihang Mountain junction area, mountainous hills, Jing ‘an Cemetery is located here, taihang west, yanshan north, surrounded by cang forest, green water.The cemetery was built in 1994 and has a profound heritage.Jing ‘an Cemetery covers a vast area and is also a large-scale cemetery among the old cemeteries in Beijing.The cemetery draws lessons from China’s traditional garden art. The buildings in the garden are simple and elegant, evergreen pines and cypresses, verdant flowers and plants, and mountains and rivers depend on each other.Stepping into the gate of the park, you can see the verve of traditional culture and the delicacy of modern gardens.Fangshan Jing ‘an Cemetery tomb type is sufficient, the traditional official hat monument, talented gao Eight dou monument, longevity mantang monument, plum blossom three times monument, gradually rising monument, bookish family monument, net bottle Yao Tai monument and so on price is also very moderate, cost-effective is considerable.The only disadvantage of the cemetery is its geographical location. It is recommended to drive there.