If you don’t want to work, just watch Meng Wanzhou and Zhang Yimou

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After 16 days of the Beijing Winter Olympics, in addition to the hot athletes, the most popular man should be Zhang Yimou.At the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, Zhang Yimou showed the romance of five thousand years of Chinese culture to the world.Let the world feel the confidence and strength of China.How much effort did Zhang Yimou make to present this ultimate romantic feast?Two days ago, I saw such a news: Zhang Yimou thought of the ignition plan of the Winter Olympics at 4 o ‘clock in the morning, so excited that he could not sleep.In August 2020, zhang Yimou excitedly said at the creative meeting of the lighting ceremony of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, “I talked about a lot of small fires and big fires. At 4 o ‘clock in the morning, I suddenly thought of the plan to insert the torch.””Snowflakes are stuck together using the concept of concave and convex, and the torch can also be stuck together, which is the first time in the world.”In the book Fate — Lonely Zhang Yimou, writer Zhou Xiaofeng wrote: zhang Yimou is a workaholic.He starts work around 2 o ‘clock every day and works for more than 10 hours straight, with continuous issues, continuous meetings, continuous pressure…He doesn’t need any breaks.On the first day of the year, he rested, and at any other time he might be working.The assistant can not bear its suffering, can only look up to the sky long sigh, because Zhang Yimou even went back to the studio at 11 o ‘clock at night to continue to work, non-stop, this is his accustomed rhythm.By the 2008 Olympics, he was eating just one meal a day and resting for three or four hours.He would hold meetings so late into the night that his assistant would send mass text messages to everyone in the room: “One of the kind-hearted comrades, stand up and tell the director let’s go to dinner.”Many years of cooperation around the people, no one saw Zhang Yimou yawn.He studied the script, discussed proposals, food, clothes and clothes, until the people around him were tired, his eyes shooting back and forth like searchlights, dancing with excitement at an idea he had just captured.Zhang Yimou was born in 1950, the same age as my father, the father of my generation.You have to admire his energy and focused flow to see how wily he is in his 70s.Flow, a psychological term, refers to the phenomenon of being absorbed and enjoying oneself as one acts and creates.Eating a lot of food, playing with your phone and watching TV can give you a pleasant sensory experience.And bending down and taking the initiative is the only way to get the happy experience of flow.The best and worst experiences of life are not obtained from idle time, but from concentration: either to love a person with concentration or to do a thing with concentration.How much of our inner fear and stress is the result of the facts themselves and how much is projected from our inner imagination?The answer is: there aren’t many things that the average of us can truly call fear, either at work or in life.The greatest fear comes from our inner anxiety and insecurity.The universal formula for fear has always been and always will be: Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen.If I had to face the worst, what would I do if I had to face the worst?Accept the fact, maintain your peace of mind, and find ways to improve the worst.Let me give you an example.In 2018, meng wanzhou was arrested at a Canadian airport by us long-arm law enforcement.Everyone on earth knows the malice behind the US drama.After her arrest, Ms. Meng was released on bail and placed under “house arrest” in Canada with an electronic ankle bracelet.You and I would have been desperate.But Ms. Meng told her father, Ren Zhengfei, that she was prepared for a long war and that if she did not return to China, she would get a doctorate in prison.Ms. Meng is a thyroid cancer patient.But every time she appeared in court, she was smiling, unhurried and clanging in her stride, using body language to send a message to anyone watching her: “I am prepared for the worst and I am doing my best to improve the worst.”Her fearless attitude not only disarmed the enemy, but reassured us.And finally in the motherland does not give up and Huawei does not yield, return as scheduled.The best way to deal with fear is to think through the cause and effect of an event, then accept the worst and do your best.During the Spring Festival holiday, many people accept the most two kinds of talk, one is family marriage, one is the choice of work.The root of these two kinds of problems is the same: there is a fierce battle going on in the map of the mind of the speaker.A reader left me a comment saying she had been on good terms with a female colleague of her own age at work.But not long ago, she got a promotion.Female colleagues suddenly distanced themselves from her and spread bad words about her everywhere.She wanted to warn her female colleagues, but she was afraid of hurting their friendship.She tried to put up with it, but someone kept telling her in private how her female colleagues had slandered her.On the surface, it seems to be a female colleague.But the truth is that the woman who confided in me was at war with herself for lack of decisionmaking and leadership: now that she’s been promoted a notch above her female colleagues, the stakes are a little bigger.Or you can ignore her, ignore her, just ignore her, go about your business, and move on.You go far enough, you stand high enough, and those who don’t like you disappear like dead.Or, take her out alone, open up, find out what’s going on, shut her up.You’re one step ahead of her, you’re her boss, and you can’t fix her?There is no double law in life.The choice is not sweet at both ends, good people want to be ruthless.In a dilemma, in a dilemma, uneasy, uneasy, life is exhausted in the yes-no.Before the Spring Festival holiday, many friends have made great wishes: The Spring Festival, I must make up for sleep – as a result, I stay up until the early hours of the morning every day;For Spring Festival, I had to finish a book — and then I never turned it over after the first page.Spring Festival, I have to spend a good time with my family – only to talk big with friends…Now work, a lot of people in regret in the long sigh: “once had a 7-day holiday in front of me, but I did not cherish, until lost to regret.””The most painful thing on earth is nothing like this.””If God can give me another chance, I will make out those three words: ‘I cherish’.”My dear friend, what broke the camel’s back was not the last straw at all, but the fact that it carried too many straws from yesterday.The Spring Festival is originally happy and relaxed, why set so many “must” for yourself, let alone in regret and remorse, waste the new today.In fact, objectively speaking, the 7 days of Spring Festival, and the next 7 days, not too much different.For the rest of your days, take your time being yourself, take regular breaks, read for 10 minutes a day, and be patient with your family.The most stupid people, with the past mistakes to punish today’s own.Smart people understand the Buddha’s words: live in the moment.It’s not others that hurt us, it’s our desires that hurt us. One percent of the trouble at work comes from the difficulty of the job. Ninety-nine percent of the trouble comes from relationships.All the troubles in relationships can basically be summed up in one sentence: expecting too much from others.Because there is a lack of contract spirit and too much emotional expectation from leaders, colleagues and partners.We perceive ourselves as hurt when our partner talks about rules rather than favors, or treats us worse than we expect.Well, that’s who he’s always been, and work is by nature an unsentimental place.Lowering expectations and being yourself is sobriety.Why do some people “lose everything they do and become the first job-hopper”?Because, the ability is not good, and think too much.The first step to becoming a better adult is to stop expecting love and change from others.06 No matter how bad things are, there is a positive meaning in the newspaper office, a leader once said to me a sentence, let me benefit a lot: there is no failure of the interview, all the interviews are your future writing material.Later, the leader died unfortunately, but his words, still affect me.Whenever MY life is in trouble, I console myself with the thought that there is no such thing as bad, and as long as I can salvage my true and brave self from the bad, I have earned.With this mentality to see around every embarrassment, bad and bad things, there will always be a sense of light.We do not welcome sorrow, still less eulogize suffering.But if it comes, we have to fight it.And after the war, we are not the same.For example, the epidemic in the past two years has left too many of us in great difficulty, suffering and falling into difficulties.But we learned to live within our limitations, and in this raging virus, learned to respect and practice.Whether you’re an employer, an employee, or a student in college, learn to use the 5-minute rule if you want to have fun, have fun, and do things well.If you’re resisting a bunch of tasks and you’re muttering in your head or mouth, “Oh, I’m so bored. What are you doing now?””I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t want…””I won’t, I won’t, I won’t…”I’ll drag it off as long as I can, as long as IT doesn’t kill me…”Well, congratulations, not only will you have wasted a whole day, but you’ll have to do it again tomorrow.Anyone who calls themselves “disciplined” is basically a loyal follower of the 5 minute Rule: On your first day at work, calm down and prioritize your tasks. See what you want to accomplish that day or over that period of time.With this in mind, start with the first 5 minutes: start with the easiest thing to do, in the joy of quick results, into the state of doing;And fueled by the sense of accomplishment, put in the second, third, and fourth five minutes of focus.Because, I know that one thing: human weakness is, because of the fear of difficulties, and especially afraid of the beginning.The advantage of being human is that you want a greater sense of accomplishment because you’ve already started.Dear friends, Spring Festival has passed, spring has come, spring flowers have opened.It’s time to do it.We don’t have to be Zhang Yimou or Meng Wanzhou, but we have to understand that work is the means to make a living and also the practice of practice.If you want to read this article, start with 5 minutes of focus, and use actions to defeat fear, reduce inner conflict, and lower expectations of others;Do the things that build you up, get the flow of happiness, get the gift of experience from the bad and the good.Comments :(1) life is a kind of practice, work is a temper.Exercise our ability to communicate with people and deal with things, broaden our horizon and improve our pattern.A person who works hard will cultivate a better self.(2) Work is part of our life.Instead of trying to take work out of our lives, learn to engage in it, savor it, and enjoy it.Because work and life are mutually reinforcing.Some of the things you learn at work can be applied to your life and feed back into your life.Work and life are mutually fulfilling.Author: Liu Na, psychological consultant, emotional column writer, original explosion writer, mixed with the media circle for more than ten years, published a million words, can write homesickness stories, also can write education hot spot.Wechat official account: Blossom at Leisure (ID: Xsha369).Small make up: depend on beg share beg collect beg click beg look