Free charter!Xingwen county 26 migrant workers warm return to post

2022-07-24 0 By

On February 6, 26 migrant workers from Xingwen county took a chartered flight to Guangdong to return to their posts. This was the first time that xingwen county organized migrant workers to take a chartered flight to return to their posts after the Spring Festival.At 6:30 in the morning of the same day, the migrant workers returning to their posts by chartered plane boarded the special bus organized by the Migrant workers service center of Xingwen County at the citizen square of Xingwen County, and went to The Wuliangye Airport of Yibin to take a flight to their work site in Guangdong.Migrant workers were deeply moved by the warm measures taken by chartered flights to escort them back to their posts.”In the past, when we went to work, we had to take high-speed trains or shuttle buses by ourselves. It was very hard.Now, with the care of governments at all levels, there are special buses and chartered flights to send us out to work, which is more convenient, more excited and happy.”Shi Li, a migrant worker, said.Migrant worker Chen Yuanlong also happily told reporters: “I feel that everyone is very much for our migrant workers to help and take care of, this time I go out to work hard, make money, I hope our future life is getting better and better, life is more and more beautiful.”Xingwen County is a major labor export county, and the destination of the charter flight to Xingwen County is a place where migrant workers are concentrated. The purpose of the charter flight is to fulfill the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, so that migrant workers can arrive in Guangdong “point-to-point, one-stop”, and return to work safely and orderly.”Going forward, we will coordinate and organize more transport capacity, including special trains, to ensure migrant workers can return to their posts as scheduled, safely and smoothly.”Xingwen County human resources and social security Bureau party committee member, county migrant workers service center party secretary, director Wang Zhengchun introduced.