College students in The han entrepreneurship highest subsidy 8000 yuan, operating guide to

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Recently, some netizens left a message asking: what subsidies can you enjoy in Wuhan?In this regard, the staff of Wuhan Human Resources Service Center introduced relevant policies in detail. There are two kinds of policies for graduates from Universities in Wuhan who can enjoy one-time start-up subsidies:Is a full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning graduates (including the official census register) five years since graduated from the school year in our city to register and receive a business license, starting small micro enterprises or individuals engaged in operation, normal operation and more than 6 months and application in normal operation condition, can apply for one-time business subsidies of 8000 yuan;2 it is within 1 year full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning graduates graduated in wuhan city and receive a business license, the registration of real-name registration through the network platform, is engaged in the new retail, distribution network, online education, live without contact, modern logistics industry and other new forms, normal operation and more than 2 months and application in the normal operating condition, the management pen are 300 and older,You can apply for a one-time start-up subsidy of 8000 YUAN within 1 year of registration in the business License.The one-time subsidies for college and secondary school graduates to find jobs or start businesses are as follows:Application object for ordinary institutions of higher learning, secondary vocational schools in wuhan, the mechanic colleges and universities, the annual graduation with the pioneering employment intention and actively job impoverished disabled family, urban and rural low-income families, families out of poverty population, national student loans, and belongs to the graduates of orphans, Chinese society, the disabled, all can through the school to apply for a one-time job subsidies.Eligible graduates can only receive a job search and business start-up subsidy once.The subsidy standard is 80% of the minimum wage standard in the central city of Wuhan.The staff also introduced that starting in 2021, the class of 2021, 2022 college graduates in Wuhan who work flexibly in Wuhan, according to the standard of no more than 150 yuan per person per year, the actual purchase of personal accident insurance will be given subsidies for no more than two years.Full-time college graduates who meet any of the following conditions can enjoy a one-time start-up subsidy of 8000 YUAN:1, graduation year students and college graduates within four years of graduation, within five years from the graduation year, in our city to obtain the “business license”, the establishment of small and micro enterprises or engaged in individual business and normal operation for 6 months and more (graduation year refers to the year before graduation from July 1 to June 30 of the graduation year,The time of application and registration should be within 5 years of the applicant’s graduation year);2, graduates in the city within 1 year since graduation registration and get the business license, through the network platform real-name registration, engaged in retail, new contactless distribution network, online education, live, new formats such as modern logistics, normal management for more than 2 months and, pen and over 300 pen (applying time should be registered with the “business license”) within a year.➤ One copy of the applicant’s Graduation Certificate or Student ID card, which is to be retained (the degree of returned students must be certified by the national education department).If the unified social credit code cannot pass the system inspection, the applicant shall also provide the Business License.➤ The handling process can be consulted by the department of Education in Hubei Province.Regarding the new semester wuhan announced all kinds of school fee standards message warm heart send gifts from now on, in the Changjiang cloud wechat positive message, we will randomly selected lucky fans to send a boutique cultural mugs/canvas bag.(small make up will reply you specific award) do this activity to the Yangtze river source cloud all | hubei radio and television news media hub coordinating editor | Hu Aolei