Changan second generation CS55PLUS “whale” cut spine

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The 100km acceleration is about 8.3s, and the 100km braking distance is about 37 meters. You can hardly connect these data with a domestic car.But here it is, these dazzling statistics are the average scores of a group of consumers driving a domestic SUV.This car is changan second-generation CS55PLUS, which has just come into the market. In terms of the engine that can be quantified by data whether it has excellent performance, the engine carried by Changan second-generation CS55PLUS is jointly developed by Changan Headquarters and Changan UK Center.The blue Whale NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine has been developed jointly with international well-known suppliers such as Bosch, Bologna, Schaeffler, Valeo and Shell.This blue Whale engine, with a number of world first and world leading technologies, profoundly interprets the leading RESEARCH and development concept of “strong” “clean” “quiet”.Therefore, changan’s second-generation CS55PLUS has become a leader in the compact SUV market among domestic auto brands by virtue of its excellent dynamic performance, futuristic cutting-edge design and comprehensive intelligent level of evolution.For decades, engine technology has been a pain in the heart of China’s auto industry.Until recent years, with increased investment in research and development, independent brands represented by Changan Automobile have broken through numerous shackles and mastered the core technology of the internal combustion engine era.With the launch of “Blue Whale Power” of Changan Automobile, it has become a name card of the technological development of Changan Automobile and even its own brand.As mentioned above, the acceleration of 100 kilometers is about 8.3s, and the braking distance of 100 kilometers is about 37 meters, which is the intuitive embodiment of blue whale’s power.The blue Whale new generation NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine carried by changan second-generation CS55PLUS has a high power rated power of 138kW, a peak torque of 300N·m, and a fuel consumption of only 5.9L per 100km, giving consideration to both powerful power and efficient fuel economy.Why are these two numbers averages?In fact, in June this year, changan automobile arranged a dynamic experience activity about the second generation of changan CS55PLUS.The items included 0-100km acceleration, 100-0km braking, damaged road surface, undulating road surface, cement road surface, speed bumps, 540° HD video.The experience of damaged road surface, undulating road surface, cement road surface and speed bump was subjective, but the challenges of 0-100km acceleration and 100-0km braking became the focus of the current test.In 0-100km acceleration, the official result of Changan Automobile engineers is 8.34s, but in fact, some people drive it to 8.3s, 8.24s, or even 8.06s. In such a huge data sample, the acceleration performance of blue Whale new generation NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine is worth noting.In the 100-0km braking range, Changan’s official score is 38.8m, and many test-drivers are lower than that.It can be said that ordinary people can enjoy the fun of “fast and furious”, but also lies in the new generation of Blue Whale NE 1.5T high pressure direct eruption motive.The schaeffler intelligent CAM phase modulation system can improve the phase response speed by 175% compared with ordinary products.The cooling water jacket around the IEM can effectively increase the heating speed and exhaust temperature of the heat engine, and improve the combustion efficiency.The atomized fuel of 350bar high pressure injection is closely coordinated with the airflow movement formed by the high rolling air passage to achieve the uniform mixing in the cylinder, the turbulent kinetic energy in the cylinder is increased by 30%, the uniform mixing is improved by 8.2% and the excellent combustion rate is achieved.Double outlet integrated exhaust pipe, which is rare at the same level, effectively reduces engine exhaust interference, enhances exhaust pulse and improves power output.Blue Whale’s new NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine delivers 300Nm peak torque from 1500RPM and responds to the throttle within 0.05s via electromagnetic controlled turbocharging.The blue Whale 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, jointly built by Changan Headquarters and Changan UK Center, has been developed and verified for 8 years. During this period, there is no power connection problem.Nowadays, young consumers begin to become the main force of car purchasing. Compared with middle-aged consumers, they value the appearance, power performance and vehicle configuration as the priority of automobile products.However, under the appearance of catering to the younger trend of The Chinese market, many auto companies can not hide the insufficiency of their product strength, especially the lack of core powertrain technology.After the storm, how many predecessors when the debut of all kinds of amazing color almost lost.In retrospect, almost every great technological advance and management revolution has produced the next great name.When it comes to internal combustion engines, whether it’s Volkswagen’s EA211 series or Honda’s I-VTech, it’s enough to make the industry wince.And Changan Automobile “Blue Whale family” accumulative sales reached 750,000 units this year, successfully withstood the test of the market, has reached the level of competing with the joint venture brand.Therefore, with the rise of a new round of independent brands, chang ‘an as the representative of the independent brand is breaking through the shackles of foreign enterprises, constantly moving forward.Aiming at the joint venture brand automobile industry is called “industry within industry”, which is an important symbol to measure the degree of development of a country.Although China has become the world’s largest car market, the complex “heart” of the car — the engine, has previously blocked the rise of Chinese cars from big to strong road.However, with the rapid development of independent brands in recent years, vehicle technology has achieved great improvement in many aspects.As an independent automobile brand that invests 5% of its sales revenue in research and development every year, Changan automobile has always been committed to independent innovation, among which the “expensive” Blue Whale engine can rival or even surpass many joint venture brands in terms of performance.”All the gifts of fate have already been sealed in secret.”Technological progress and development, not only need the recognition of the market, but also to withstand the scrutiny of time.Volkswagen EA211 series, Honda I-VTech, Changan Automobile “Blue Whale Power” is the same.In December last year, Changan Automobile blue Whale engine challenge running test, through online live broadcast, blue Whale NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine running test for 10 consecutive days, no less than 200+ hours.The final blue whale NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine withstood the unprecedented test, successfully completed the “long time live video” guinness World Record.After that, Changan once again innovated the core disassembly engine, which will tell consumers how to choose a good car through the comparison of new accessories and test vehicle accessories in such issues as oil viscosity index, engine carbon accumulation, and whether the cylinder block is damaged.Changan in August last year is also specially engaged in a 12 hour uninterrupted broadcast, deeply explored the changan automobile engine factory, liangjiang factory stamping/welding/assembly workshop, and the blue whale power laboratory, decryption changan “think tank” made of DNA, show the changan automobile powerful r&d strength and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.In addition, from the engine parameters, blue Whale new generation NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine also outstanding performance.Blue Whale’s new generation NE 1.5T high pressure direct injection engine has a power of 138kW and a large torque of 300N·m, which not only has a power output comparable to 3.0L displacement.It also outperforms Volkswagen’s upcoming EA211 1.5T EVO (117kW,250Nm) and Honda’s 1.5T engine (134kW,240Nm) in all power parameters.For a long time, the enterprising spirit of positive research and development is undoubtedly the only way for China to stride forward from an automobile power to an automobile power.After China becomes a big auto market in the world, independent auto enterprises must have their own key core technologies to strengthen and expand national brands.It can be said that technology has become the essential feature of the automobile industry.With the increasing market sales and reputation of changan’s second-generation CS55PLUS and “Blue Whale Family”, Changan automobile finally has the capital to compete with the joint venture brand in terms of technology.”Blue Whale power” will gradually become an attractive technical label of Chang ‘an Automobile, to the outside world to convey the belief of writing brand glory.The event runs from April 2, 2022 to April 3, 2022