Zhuoni Housing construction: I speak for steadily improving the image of the city

2022-07-23 0 By

Star frost flies by and lives on.Ugly ox far away, Yin Tiger to attack.On the occasion of ringing out the old year and ushering in the New Year, I, who live in binhe East Road no. 144 in zhuoni town, came to worship the early years for everyone. I wish you to bow down in the Year of the Ox and welcome the Year of the Tiger.At the same time, I would like to share my growth process in the past year with the government, your family and the majority of Joni children through the joni window series report…Time flies, a year full of hope that 2022 is already come, and through 2021, and then look back, thinking about good, receive benefit more, over the past year, I adhering to the beginner’s mind, sheer endeavor, to wade new road and development as the mission, to project construction as the gripper, to serve the livelihood of the people as the basis, to shift up quality as the goal, to sweat, go work guaranteed,Make an effort to show off your new accomplishments.I’m deeply in love with your life this side of the pure land, ever-present hope she grows more and more good, so, I also have been trying to use my strength to dress up her, I always adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, focus on people’s needs and city level in appearance, the elevation of quality development requirements, based on the construction of key projects, accelerate the process of promoting urban construction.In 2021, I undertook a total of 16 “home decoration” projects, with a total investment of about 614 million yuan. In that year, I completed the planned investment of about 430 million yuan and declared 14 key projects.Since the beginning of this year, thanks to various efforts,Construction completed more than China’s new river bridge construction projects, more than new south binhe road extension project, agaric riverside town east road and drainage works, the red street road reconstruction and water supply and drainage engineering, more than new south binhe road extension project, the city roadway to upgrade binhe east road pavement to upgrade project of the second phase, such as road and bridge engineering,Several new urban roads and drainage projects, 奤 Getaohe bridge project, Taohe pedestrian bridge construction project, urban road connection branch project are also in full swing.The construction of these projects has virtually opened up the body vein of Zoni, making the road of travel of Zoni’s children more smooth.At the same time, the second phase of central heating and heat balance renovation have been completed, which means that your home will feel different warmth next winter no matter where you are located in the county.The completion of the new urban drainage canal construction project has enhanced our ability to prevent flood disaster;The transformation of old buildings and the implementation of liulin Town shantytown transformation project not only wipe rouge for me, but also greatly improve the living environment of Zhuoni children.Behind this project completed one by one, however, hidden is the struggling demolition work, in order to expand the urban development space, make the project smoothly, after a long-term unremitting efforts, I actively mobilize the good soldier character, 22, 2021 to complete the demolition demolition agreement 31 units, for all kinds of engineering construction development laid a solid foundation.Topic 2 on the Road…Please stay tuned (Niu Jingjing)