Spring Festival Gala eye-catching “green waist”, from “thousands of miles of rivers and mountains”, how is it refined?

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How good are people with self-discipline?One performance of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala can tell you that when a group of people are disciplined for a long time, they will shine their best on stage. The show is Only This Green, the hottest performance of the Spring Festival Gala, which is comparable to the famous dance of the 2005 Spring Festival Gala, Thousand-handed Guanyin.The dance “Only This Green” originated from the Northern Song Dynasty, one of China’s ten most famous paintings “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, the painting scroll inherited the Sui and Tang dynasties “green landscape” painting method, mainly with stone, stone green mineral pigments, through layers of cover dyeing, so that the whole painting is only green and green, but clear.The title of the dance “Only This Green” is derived from the meaning of “green and green” in “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”. The dancers wear ancient turquoise costumes and dance on the stage. The beauty of classical China moves into the hearts of the audience between waving and lifting their legs.Only the green, can let a person remember, get everyone’s consistent high praise, in addition to the dance delivered the artistic conception of ancient Chinese excellent culture, also let a person not forget for a moment of difficult moves “green waist”, contrary to the human body structure and the gravity of the “green waist”, appeared on the stage, make the finishing point in the whole period of the dance of the pen, made people are amazing:How the hell do these girls do it?Meng Qingyang, the lead dancer of “Only This Green”, revealed the answer to the mystery, and let people see that behind this dance of various poses and elegance, a group of girls supported themselves by sticking to self-discipline.Meng Qingyang, who was born in 1992 and graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, has been leading two dances in the Spring Festival Gala in 2015.She said of the green waist: “This movement is used to express an image in a Panorama of Rivers and Mountains called perilous Peak, which symbolizes the very dangerous and steep part of the mountain.It was very difficult to practice it at the beginning. The movement itself is not difficult for people who have been practicing classical dance for a long time, so it is a little difficult to maintain it for a long time.”In order to do this, they must insist on physical training in private, exercise the muscles of the waist, abdomen and other areas, provide the power to support the “green waist”, accumulate over a long period of time to achieve the pleasing effect presented on the stage.It was this group of beautiful dancers, with years of discipline, that brought this beautiful dance into the public eye and made it a great success.As Bai Yansong said: “The more successful the people, the more self-discipline!”How to become a successful person with self-discipline?I believe it must trouble many people, because self-discipline is too painful, many people tend to give up halfway.Is self-discipline really painful?Yes and no.If self-discipline is regarded as a process, the early stage is exciting, the late stage is enjoyable, and the middle stage is painful.After how ability spends excitatory period, fight painful stage, usher in the moment that enjoys self-discipline?In fact, there are no shortcuts. You can start with one small thing: early!When you start waking up an hour earlier each day, you’ll have more time in your day to do something productive, like writing, reading, learning English, etc. You’ll be on the threshold of self-discipline.Next, it is to learn to resist temptation, away from those things that usually make people focus on work and study, such as mobile phone games, short videos, novels and so on, do not think of using them to test their will, the result is often not what they expect.Then there is the crucial step of self-discipline: making a schedule.Daily tasks written in the book in advance as much as possible, let oneself do things have goals, this time to ensure the power of action, complete can also gain a sense of accomplishment, don’t look at this little psychological feelings, the important thing is to insist for a long time to self-discipline, a lot of good people, behind their self-discipline, there is a “notes”.I hope everyone can go further and further on the road of self-discipline and reap their own success.