Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Transport has helped the community with epidemic prevention and control

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Everyone you are the hero of the city of thanks to each and every one to protect their homes you never give up thanks to each and every one of you to thank each and every one that you share the wind and rain over the war of no gunpowder smoke “epidemic” of shenyang transport authorities responded positively to protect themselves, to defend the city of the municipal party committee work requirements, establishing a rapid by 41 members of epidemic prevention and control of the vanguard,We immediately went to the workers’ village in Minmin Street to help them carry out nucleic acid testing and checkpoint guard, and fulfilled the mission of the Party’s original mission with concrete actions. We gave full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members, and let the Party flag fly high on the front line.The epidemic prevention and control vanguard team of the Municipal Transportation Bureau has assisted communities in carrying out several rounds of nucleic acid testing, serving a total of more than 20,000 residents.Team work, far, afraid tired, actively cooperate with medical staff to carry out the sweep, entry and maintain order, take the initiative to the residents on epidemic prevention and control work requirements, persuasion waiting for residents to keep 1.5 m spacing, guide residents in advance ready “liao tong” qr code, to help the residents of the older, walking, open up the green channel.With the change of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the epidemic prevention and control vanguard team of the Municipal Transportation Bureau also supported the task of card point guard in zhenxing Dong Community, Nanyingzi community and workers’ village community, carrying out 24-hour guard work at the entrances and exits of the old community, and carrying out registration, body temperature detection and health code inspection for residents and vehicles in the community.In strict accordance with the “five ones” working standards, all the cadres of the MCTA overcame difficulties such as long working hours, tedious work and heavy work intensity, patiently persuaded and enthusiastically helped anxious and in need people to ensure the effective and orderly implementation of epidemic prevention and control, and jointly built a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Article source: Democracy Street Contributed by: Liu Yi Review: Qiu Xu