Is the contour not smooth filling or bone grinding?First you need to figure out why it’s not flowing!

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Contour not smooth only bone grinding!This statement is not accurate, because the contour is not smooth for a variety of reasons, we need to make a case-by-case analysis, rather than blindly choose.1. If the outline is not smooth, protruding bone is difficult.This reason is the real reason why many people feel that they want to grind bones. Some people are born with excessive facial bone development. Looking at the protruding bones, coupled with not too much fat support, it is a sense of vision that the outline is not smooth at a glance.Skeletal overdevelopment: broad and protruding jaw Angle, high and protruding cheekbones.These two conditions are mainly related to the bone, so the better way to improve is to move the bone.And some don’t want to make a scene, so choose to fill, the final face will become horizontal instead.So much so that she would say to everyone: Don’t fill it, it will make your face bigger.But in fact, it is not to find their contour not smooth main reason!2. Loss of fat and soft tissue is also the key to poor contour!Sometimes due to the influence of external factors (aging, weight loss are factors), the facial soft tissue loss, which in turn causes the facial bones to protrude to some extent, resulting in our contour is not smooth.The condition is mainly associated with soft tissue loss in the face, so a better approach would be to replace the ‘lost’ fat.Note: Do not be too greedy, although full face makes people better, but too much filling will only look “inflated”, but not real.