A 17-year-old boy in Hebei province who was blocked by his biological mother and “abandoned” again says he will Sue his biological parents

2022-07-23 0 By

On January 17, Liu Xuezhou, an Internet celebrity who once attracted attention for his solo search for his relatives, suddenly revealed that his mother had blocked him, causing a heated debate on the Internet.On Tuesday morning, Liu Xuezhou, the boy seeking his new parents, posted a message saying that he had considered dropping his lawsuit.However, he decided to Sue his biological parents to see them in court. Liu Xuezhou themselves on the Internet looking for biological parents move quickly, on the success of the efforts to find biological parents, Liu Xuezhou personal life has been opened, it turns out that he had not been slave traders, but by their own biological parents in shanxi datong hotel sold at a price of 30000, sell his money was their father to the mother when the bride,Their marriages broke down and they reorganized their families several times. Liu Xuezhou sponsor now, parents early death, a tracing brought him a beam of light, adoptive parents home grandma, uncle home also try to in raising children, to give their children room to he lives.Adoptive parents and family are also very difficult. My cousin has no place to sleep and my aunt is old. He doesn’t want to be a drag on people without blood ties.Mr Liu simply wanted his parents and a house of his own. Even though he knew he had been sold, he sought to forgive them.Biological parents should be ashamed of years of debt, consciously think of how to compensate their children, rather than children themselves put forward.Even if the child brings it up, he or she should take responsibility for the mistake and make up for it.After languishing for more than a decade, he found out that his parents’ other children were happier than he was, and even had birthday parties at big hotels.Let alone a 15-year-old, an adult would fall apart in a situation like this.Liu Xuezhou  19, said in his platform was about to give up, but their own biological parents “upside down in black and white, didn’t realize his mistake” and decided to see “court” with them.In any case, I hope both sides can settle peacefully. It is really not a good outcome to go to court in this situation.