The safety and stability of the “high voltage line” to help the people safely qingming festival

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In order to create a “safe, civilized, orderly” good festive atmosphere, to ensure the qingming Festival during the Wanshan District yutang township people’s life and property safety.Yitang township layers of compaction responsibility, the party and government is mainly responsible for comrade grasp overall planning, in charge of comrade grasp business, make good use of the village supervision “third committee”, forest rangers, monitors and long joint households and other forces, fully mobilize and play the role of “one center one network ten joint households” grassroots social governance mechanism,We will carry out on-duty supervision, screening of potential geological disasters, road traffic safety inspection, epidemic prevention and control, promotion of civilized sacrifice, and screening of potential forest fire hazards, and other related work. We will always be tight on the “high tension line” of security and stability, leaving no blind spot for safety monitoring, and make every effort to escort the people to enjoy a good holiday.Party and government leaders in the front line, on duty duty strength.The party and government leaders took the lead in the Overall planning of the Qingming festival, the township 13 deputy section level above the leadership team, 45 general cadres to participate in the Qingming Festival on duty;Each village branch in prison SanWei members, rangers, surveyors, long partnerships, villagers volunteer, migrant party power shift, such as division of labor involved in the epidemic prevention and control publicity MoPai during qingming festival, road traffic safety inspection, forest fire prevention and sacrifice of civilization publicity and persuasion, key areas, key industries safety inspection, etc, to carry out good security and stability of big screen,Let the masses have a good and safe Qingming to provide personnel security.Each performs his own duties in an orderly manner, and works with others to ensure safety.At the township level, the emergency management office, the public affairs Office, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team and other departments jointly carried out inspections of potential safety and health hazards during the Qingming Festival, and carried out inspections of epidemic prevention and control, work safety and health environment at retail outlets of fireworks and firecrackers, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants and express delivery points under the jurisdiction of the township.Monitoring and inspection of geological disasters and hidden dangers in production safety;In the fish pond green bar slope traffic inspection duty point, the township police station with fish pond duty cadres at different times to carry out road traffic safety inspection and epidemic prevention and control investigation, to ensure the safety of the masses;At the village level, each village supervisor SanWei, rangers, surveyors, long partnerships, village volunteers, migrant members strength in every village road, ritual activities frequently points, forest fires, high-risk area group to carry out the road traffic safety, civilized ritual, forest fire prevention, epidemic prevention and control knowledge propaganda, persuasion and screening work, together for Christmas qingming festival gather force fish ponds.Green Qingming in action, online and offline altogether advocate.Online through the fishpond township official WeChat public, small fish ponds in qingming ritual initiative activities actively plot line before and after civilization, reprint publishing qingming civilization sacrifice propaganda activities, open up “online offerings heroes” through train, work in the township, village, group WeChat group advocates the entire town party member cadres and workers, in village cadres, village cadres to participate in the green, clear,With the party style with the political style, the government style with the people, and constantly expand the civilization of worship, remembering the revolutionary martyrs of the good atmosphere;Offline mobilizing XuanJiangTuan “always follow the party” the people, the power of grassroots “battle fortress, mastering and using the market day, will be scouring, village broadcasting channels, such as widely to the masses to carry out the party” 4 s “preaching, advocating the tomb-sweeping day civilization festivals, to carry out online grave, promotional activities such as national defence knowledge, actively organize activities of cadres and workers, primary and secondary school students to carry out the qingming martyrs,Continuously guide the masses to form a good family tradition of civilized sacrifice, remembering revolutionary martyrs, learning from martyrs and inheriting fine traditions, and jointly promote the construction of safe fish ponds.(Chow Meiyi)