The Year of the Tiger is expected to be a sleeper hit at the box office

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There are a few days is the Year of the Tiger New Year, in this family reunion day;There is a movie in line with the theme of the end of this year, “Little Tiger Dun Heroes” is scheduled to be released on the first day of the New Year;As a well-known original animation in China, Little Tiger Dun Heroes has nearly 10 million fans on video platforms.Is a well-known national animation IP, this is the series of animation works on the big screen for the first time.The film has attracted a lot of attention from netizens since the release of its poster;Tiger pier hutou Hutou image is very simple and lovely;It is different from the films of the young and the young in the previous cinemas;”Heroes of the Little Tigers” is a movie suitable for all ages.There are not only adventure stories about the pursuit of dreams, but also the journey of Redemption of Yang Biaoshi;So children see the adventure story of Xiao Hudun, young people see Yang Biaoshi’s own journey of redemption;Let’s take a look at some of the attractions of this year of the Tiger movie.The year of the Tiger movie “Heroes of little Tiger Dun” is scheduled to be released at the time of family reunion during the Spring Festival, which is naturally worth watching.As an animation film, in fact, the competitiveness of the cinema is not strong;Compared with those big-budget movies that cost hundreds of millions at every turn;Anime movies really don’t have an advantage.It’s just that in recent years, there have been many animated films that have created box office miracles, so maybe;This tiger is still a chance to become a dark horse;First of all, the image of Xiaohudun is very attractive;Wearing a cute tiger-head hat, tiger-head hat in Chinese traditional culture has the meaning of exorcism.Many netizens may think the tiger hat looks familiar;Netizens who have seen Stephen Chow’s films should know that this hat is the one he wore in the film The Deer and the Cauldron.The film also has a nod to Stephen Chow.Let’s look at the plot of this movie. First, the protagonist is Xiao Hu Dun;Like many bear children, Xiaohudun is also a naughty naughty like to play children;When the Spring Festival was approaching, his parents couldn’t go home because they were on a business trip.In order to be able to let parents go home, tiger dun set foot on the road to send darts.The reason will go to send darts, is because the shopkeeper told him as long as the completion of this time to send darts task;His parents can come back for Chinese New Year this year;Many years did not see their parents tiger pier very miss them, so in order to be able to let their parents go home;Little tiger dun set foot on his own adventure.In addition to the factors that let his parents go home, Xiao Hudun himself also has an adventurous heart;As a child, because of the lack of parental care and discipline, little Tiger dun is very naughty;But as she grows older, she misses her parents very much.Although he had been getting into trouble for so many years, he still wished his parents would come home soon.After being taught by the big shopkeeper, tiger dun had the idea of becoming biaoshi to find his parents;Under chance coincidence, tiger pier received a very special task;And so began his own adventure.Judging from the trailer released, the movie is well made;Tiger pier’s role image is also very in place.At that time, there was a hot cartoon “Tiger Dun a Red Dead Redemption” on Douyin platform, which was very hot.It has nearly 60 million likes on the platform and more than 10 million followers.More than 10 billion videos have been streamed;As a ten million fans of the level of the big IP, tiger squatting heat is very high.With such a high degree of popularity, the work naturally deserves attention;In addition to the work itself, the core values of the film are also fascinating.In the movie, Tiger Dun pursues in addition to his own dream;More want their parents to come home;This is therefore in line with the atmosphere of the New Year;The pursuit of the Chinese New Year is the reunion of the two words, as the Chinese for the Spring Festival reunion this custom is very important;In particular, the wanderer who has been wandering for many years has only the Spring Festival every year as an opportunity to go home.Watching this movie during the Spring Festival will more or less increase the affection between the family members;So at the core of what the movie conveys, it has reached a consensus with the audience.Back to the animation level above, the image of tiger dun is very popular with children;Many adults also like this tiger – headed bear child.Many of the older generation of people in the eyes of the Spring Festival will be a lucky figure;Therefore, hudun, as the mascot of the Year of the Tiger, can also bring more blessings to the audience.The story also avoids the development of younger people, which can arouse the audience of different ages to think deeply;No other animated film can match that.On the road of xiaohu dun’s adventure, also mixed with a lot of jokes;I believe that in the cinema can make many audiences laugh;As an adventure movie, Xiao Hudun’s dream pursuit and Yang Biaoshi’s redemption journey;There’s a lot of meaning in both directions.There are also many animated films scheduled for the Spring Festival;Like “Boonie bears” and “Pleasant Goat” that appear on the big screen every year;These animated movies are more geared toward kids;It is suitable for children, not for all ages like Little Tiger Dun.Therefore, if the word of mouth is good after the release, this animated film has a good chance to become a dark horse at the box office;Nezha has already broken numerous box office records;Is it a good story and values or the thoughts and feelings delivered;In this regard, “Little Tiger Dun Heroes” is no less impressive.So at this special time of Spring Festival;It is also possible that the acclaimed “Little Tiger Dun Heroes” can create a box office miracle for animated films during the Spring Festival.The film seems to be in the right place at the right time with a huge fan base on the platform;In addition, this year happens to be the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival not to see the tiger pier who?Xiaobian is very optimistic about this tiger pier can create a box office miracle;After all, there have been few animated blockbusters since Ne Zha;Also hope “Little Tiger Dun big Hero” can grasp this good opportunity;Become a dark horse in the Spring Festival to win good results.In the end, I believe that watching tiger pier in the Year of tiger will become a new fashion.Such positive and deep animated films are the works that children should see nowadays;As a film in line with the atmosphere of the New Year, it is worth taking your children to see it anyway.Code word is not easy, I hope I can give xiaobian a point of praise point of attention.