The Killing of The Three Kingdoms: Inferior Hua Xiong, Ping Huang Gai, sun Yi, the new ox and horse of The Times came to report!

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With the arrival of the Year of the Tiger in the Lunar calendar, the Killing of The Three Kingdoms gradually introduced new boxes and lucky bags for the Year of the Tiger, and a group of new generals also appeared. As is known to all, an important indicator of the strength of the contemporary generals is the single-fight strength. A general is a strong general, but often the single-fight strength is not weak.The overall quality and strength of the new tiger general is still good, there are the sheol magic doctor Zhang Zhongjing, with Wang Can Shu Sun Shang Xiang infinite bitter meat of the new god will be god Taishi Ci, paste copy the new printed card will be Wang Ling, not only the above these treasure beads will be epic, boutique will be such as gao LAN Zhang Wen is also very good.But among these new versions, there was one warrior, who was tested by players and found that even Hua Shenjiang and Biao Huanggai could not beat, and even had little advantage over Liu Bei, the king of singles, and the Queen of singles, namely Sun Yi.The name Sun Yi may not be familiar to some players, but he is the third son of Sun Jian, and the two elder brothers are the man Sun Ce and sun Wan Wan sun Quan. However, as their younger brother, Sun Yi’s single ability is very worrying.Sun Yi has a distinct personality and a short temper. She shows her emotions on the surface without deep scheming, which eventually leads to her being plotted by her subordinates.His wife, Xu shi, had already appeared in the Killing of The Three Kingdoms, and the husband in the line “Dog thief, return my husband’s order,” refers to Sun Yi.Finally Xu also got what she wanted to kill her husband’s treacherous minister Dai Yuan and GUI Ran.Sun Yi is a military general with four blood and one skill, and her skills are also specified according to her personality. Her skills are fierce and fierce. Although she looks long, she is still easy to understand.Mania and complete this ability to lock technology, the effect is divided into two parts, the first is waltman in a round can only use his leg just touch the card, which is including touch brand stage, out of thin air, existing serial recasting, good harvest for the CARDS at the same time there are other role skills for round card, this part describes the limitation on the waltman is great,Look at this part entirely negative effect, this restriction means that only the first round waltman naked to touch up card can be used, random luck card card is can’t use, so start waltman brush brush luck card directly round outside defense card flash and seamless line, even not brushed peach, after all, if not round outside near-death waltman even can’t eat the peach.The latter part of Sun’s skill is even more ridiculous. Simply put, Sun accumulates a fierce mark for every card she uses in a turn, and begins the turn by discarding all the fierce marks and an equal number of cards, and then discarding the cards that add up to the mark and the number of cards.Looking only at this part, sun Yi seems to have a little explosion, how can she even beat Hua Shen General?The answer is that Yi sun has to lose a bit of energy while performing this move, since all effects of this skill are lock moves.Mania and complete touch brand effect seems to provide waltman broke out, all the CARDS cannot be used for before converted to use CARDS, each with a card, equivalent to the round the round could be more than two can use the CARDS, but in fact too much worse than imagined, mania and complete effect to waltman don’t eat most kept military commanders kept, in addition to me and country xun yu, a handful of military commandersMost generals can’t provide effective support for Sun yi, which leads to sun yi having few cards to play most of the time, so why does she explode?In addition, in each round, Sun Yi dies without any response. In the case of single fight, the opponent doesn’t need to do anything, just wait for Sun Yi to die. I really can’t figure out the meaning of such a design.Thank you for reading. That’s it.If you like, you might as well click on the following.I’m the mobile version of Kill, and I’ll see you next time.