Penglai District launched a special action for fire safety inspection in the field of housing and construction

2022-07-22 0 By

Reporters from the dragon spring the correspondent Zhang reported this newspaper of yantai Recently, the yantai penglai area live built bureau in built areas to carry out the special action for a month on fire control safety inspection, to prevent dissolve the major security risks, resolutely curb group die group of injury fire accident, to ensure that the entire district live fire safety situation steadily building field.The bureau set up to be in charge of the director as the leader of the special inspection group, respectively on the construction site (construction enterprises), gas business enterprises, residential areas to carry out on-site inspection.The inspection focuses on whether the enterprises implement post fire safety responsibility system;Whether fire fighting equipment has been equipped;Whether the implementation of fire inspection and inspection and rectification system of fire hazards, electricity and gas safety management system;Whether to implement the staff fire safety education and training system;Whether to formulate fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan drills and so on.At the same time, on the basis of self-examination and self-reform in various fields, Penglai District Bureau of Housing and Construction will organize personnel to carry out dragnet investigation, for enterprises failed to check out the fire hidden danger or hidden trouble rectification is not in place, the establishment of hidden trouble ledger, limited time, urge rectification in place.Source: Dazhong Daily