My world: Build a panda breeding base, successfully raise a red panda, chase me run

2022-07-22 0 By

Panda breeding in my world is very simple. It takes two pandas.Then they were fed a piece of bamboo, and when a heart appeared on their head, a baby panda was born three seconds later.Red pandas have a chance to drop one or two balls of mucus when they sneeze.First, to build a panda breeding base this breeding base is purely a personal hobby, xiaobian is obsessive-compulsive disorder, think to build a base to have a sense of ceremony.Create mode can also randomly place two panda eggs, let him automatically generate two pandas, and then go to the inventory to take out bamboo and feed them.12 two, prepare bamboo to feed this feed bamboo, feed one is enough.But they all have to be fed.After all, reproduction is not something a single panda can do.After the feeding, hearts will pop up around the two pandas.And it worked.Feeding one feeding two three, baby panda birth this step is particularly expected, fantasy will be the same size as the giant panda.But the truth is it’s a lot smaller.And he looks so silly and cute.Red panda born four, walk panda at the beginning of the bamboo is two pandas staring at me, let me really a little embarrassed.Now the little pandas come out and all three are staring at me.I had to fly straight into the air from the ground.But, red panda legs short, run but the front two big, laugh me to death.Walking the panda