He once saved the Family of Wu Fah-hsien. Later, Wu gained power. What happened to him

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Wu Fah-heon is a lucky general who has never suffered any injuries since he joined the Red Army.As he was somewhat educated, he was placed in political work.But once, wu faxian and his family in Guangxi almost fell into a river to feed fish.In the spring of 1950, Wu Faxian was transferred from Guangxi to Zhengzhou, Henan.At that time, the train from Nanning to Wuhan was very inconvenient, and he had to transfer to Liuzhou, so he took a bus to Liuzhou first.The jeep drove along, Wu, his wife and son are sitting in the back seat of the jeep, guard Qi Yongfa sitting in the passenger seat.Wu was in a particularly good mood as he and his wife enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way.These peaks, some like jade shoots, elephants, and some like camel humps, are in various shapes and forms, forming a beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River.Wu faxian was attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of him. Later, he said in his memoirs that the mountains were strange and the river was like a mirror. He did not have time to appreciate it because he was busy with military affairs.When the jeep reached the outskirts of Liuzhou, there was a big steep slope ahead, below which was the Liujiang River.The driver stepped on the gas and drove up the slope quickly. When the jeep was halfway up the slope, suddenly, a man came down from the slope and stopped the car.At this time is in the middle of the slope, then the jeep braking performance is not too sensitive, the jeep will drive forward will hit the person out, the driver had to step on the brakes, then the jeep began to slide, we are about to slide into the Willow River, the situation is very dangerous.At this critical moment, guard Qi Yongfa suddenly jumped down in the passenger seat, picked up a big stone from the roadside, at the risk of being crushed to death by the sliding jeep, facing the jeep in the past, the big stone cushion under the rear wheel of the car.Then the jeep stopped.With the danger out of the way, Wu found himself in suspense and relaxed.Qi Yongfa is not only smart, but also very due diligence, he has been staring at the situation on the road, the jeep at that time, only a canopy.With one leg outside, Chifa was ready to jump out of the car in case of emergency.When the jeep was in danger, he jumped out quickly to head it off.When the jeep stopped steady, Qi Yongfa will find the man, asked why he let the parking here, the man explained that the traffic department regulations, not allowed to pass here, because this section is very dangerous, afraid of the traffic accidentally slipped into the Liujiang River.Qi Yongfa is very angry, even if we break the rules, but also to wait for us on the slope again oh, you here more dangerous car.If it hadn’t been for the stone, the car would have fallen into the river. What would you do then?Terrified wu Faxian also secretly admire the guard Qi Yongfa in his heart, if it were not for his car under the stone, the car slid down the Liujiang river, so a family of three will go to feed the fish.Later, Wu Faxian became the commander of the Air Force, is a very famous at that time, want to find the guard repay, but never found.After his old age, Wu Faxian also missed the guard who had saved him, it is a pity that the guard later because of the transfer, do not know where to transfer, always want to repay him but wu Faxian has not found him.Wu Faxian had talked about this in his memoirs, and repeatedly expressed their gratitude to Qi Yongfa, which can be said to be sincere.