A shares: suddenly pull up!A grand news landing, next week market “spring flowers”?

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On January 18, The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened low and went higher, the stock index steadily pushed up, plate and individual stocks rose, sentiment picked up.Coal, real estate boom, banking, securities and insurance protection.Northbound capital swept up nearly 5 billion.East and west set off a trading tide, or become a new group of funds direction.Expected next week market or “Spring” 01 disk overview: low open high, long step by step in the morning, the Shanghai Composite index low open, short short contact after the multi win, the index at 10 points successfully turned red, and then around the closing point yesterday narrow shock, market resilience significantly improved.Afternoon opening straight up, upward through the morning consolidation interval, the end of volume, accelerated upward, the whole day closed up 0.66%, transaction 327.2 billion.Gem index low open low shock, at the end of the Shanghai Composite Index led by the passive tailgate, the decline narrowed to 0.46%, the K line recorded bottom picked up “T” type line.Shenzhen index trend and Shanghai convergence, the only difference is the strength and magnitude of inferior to Shanghai, the whole day edged up 0.27%, transaction 480.3 billion.Shanghai timeshare chart trend is obviously, long into two retreat one, step by step, steadily push up the index, stage long control of the market, rebound cycle probability has not finished.02 sector and individual stocks also rose, to do more enthusiasm gradually activated, and the accelerated industry groups, tongda letter 56 industry category, 46, rising industry fell 10 industry, real estate rose 3.52%, coal, telecom, steel and construction, followed by electrical equipment, semiconductor, industrial machinery, military aerospace and components led by the two cities.Characteristics are still distinct, low valuation of the overall strong old infrastructure, the transaction “steady growth” logical consensus has been promoted again, the main line of speculation gradually into a good situation.Stocks rise and fall than the stock aspect, the two cities rise and fall less, turn red stocks 3102, down 1481, up 71, down 1, or between 5%~ limit 154, money making effect was significantly improved yesterday.Most worth saying is: the two cities only 1 stock limit, which reflects the overall market risk appetite to improve.Since the year of the Tiger, the Shanghai Composite Index has been rising steadily, while shenzhen Component Index and GEM index have been bottoming out, and the market is stuck.On the surface, it seems that the trading volume of the market cannot be effectively enlarged and recovered to above trillion, but the essential reason behind it is that the market has not found a high degree of consensus, and the cognition is consistent, and at the same time in line with the mainstream plate and logic favored by trend investors.Low valuations, cyclical categories and traditional infrastructure, despite their strong valuations, have limited growth and imagination.More critical is this two years regardless of public private placement, or individual investors must say the track, growth stock investment.The word is: institutional investors do not like the big undervaluation of blue chip.Last night, there was a “grand” news, that is: a number of ministries and commissions jointly issued a document to plan the establishment of 10 national data center clusters, specifically to undertake the construction of large/super large data centers, marking the official launch of the “East and West calculation” project.This may solve the current market perception of the main line of the future, for the following reasons: 1. The narrative of the theme is grand and has a high level;2, the main line involves a large number of plates, can accommodate a large amount of funds;For example, cloud computing, big data, smart cities, smart transportation, smart government, Internet of Things, Internet of vehicles and so on.3, a short time can not be falsified and verified, huge space for imagination;4, the main line as a whole is classified as growth shares, higher degree of institutional recognition, more conducive to “bonding” again.At the same time, the market also gave positive feedback today, more than half of the stocks on the list are related to the concept of “east number West calculation”.04 north capital swept goods 4.838 billion, fiscal policy force, liquidity overall generous round of market has a grand main logic, the story is easy to unfold, the next need for liquidity to deduce the logic, this is also any time in history has operational value of the common market.North capital perspective, in the previous three days of net selling of about 9 billion, the last two trading days to net buying, the cumulative net buying of about 6.5 billion.Northbound capital specifically to today’s net purchase of 4.838 billion, including Shanghai stock connect net purchase 3.025 billion, Shenzhen stock connect net purchase 1.813 billion.On the other hand, important figures published a document titled “Continuously Improving the Effectiveness of proactive Fiscal Policy”, which detailed the requirements for this year’s proactive fiscal policy, including implementing more aggressive tax and fee cuts, maintaining an appropriate intensity of spending, and rationally arranging special bonds for local governments.In other words, liquidity is friendly to the A-share market.05 technical: baldheaded Yang pulled up, do more stage probability has taken the Shanghai Composite index, low open high go, K line recorded again recorded four even Yang.Elongated time, the year of the Tiger formed 4 consecutive Yang mixed with two consecutive Yin again 4 consecutive Yang, bulls significantly control the market.K line combination, today baldheaded Zhongyang, and wear 5, 10 and 20 day average, long trend is obvious, with this matching MACD index red column appears, also means that the rebound continues, maintain the recent view, here is a large probability of mid-term reversal.Shanghai Daily K line gem index, see bottom 2710 after four Yang one Yin, multi gun K line combination, 5 and 10 days average turn head up, MACD index on the first day of the red column, 30 minutes K line cycle platform finishing formed a small arc bottom, the market continues to rise probability significantly greater than the decline.Comprehensive analysis: stocks and plates up less, sentiment activation;”East and West” lift the limit tide, or the future do more mainline, to solve the recent market pain points;Liquidity continues to be friendly, northbound funds for two consecutive days of net buying;Technically, bulls are in the ascendant.Conclusion: next week market or “spring flowers”!(This article is a sort of traceability investment ideas and thinking, does not constitute investment advice, only for reference) To know more exciting content, come to pay attention to traceability