100,000 yuan to buy domestic cars, recommend these 5

2022-07-22 0 By

What domestic car is more suitable for 100,000 yuan? Today we will talk about which car is your favorite.The first Qin PLUS DM-I 2021 Premium model landed at 120,000 yuan.One of the biggest highlights of this car is fuel economy, fuel consumption is less than 4 liters in the city, and the acceleration is really silky, interior materials are more serious, and the body can touch the soft material, of course, can rotate the 10.1-inch center control screen is also a big fun.As the entry version of the model configuration is also many, such as tire pressure alarm, reversing image, the disadvantage is that you need to buy this car to wait for a particularly long time, and the tire noise is relatively large.The second roewe i5 1.5T CVT Star shine edition landed at more than 90,000.One of the biggest highlights of this car is that compared with other joint venture cars at the same price, Roewe i5 is more honest in its configuration and interior materials, such as ACC adaptive cruise, lane departure warning system, built-in dashcam, and electric adjustment of the front driver, etc. It is a daily necessary configuration.Fuel consumption in the city is about 6.8 liters, the disadvantage is a strong sense of low speed pause, weak power.The third trumpchi leopard J10 flying version landed in the early 100,000, wave power 1.5T177 horsepower, maximum torque 270 nm, start response only 0.3 seconds.Chassis performance is also good, it is Italian master Mark, who used to adjust the chassis in alfa Romeo, and this is compared to the lynk 03, Civic, looks more like a small gun.Of course, if the budget is enough, you can go on the shadow Leopard J15 version, no matter in the appearance or interior aspects of the small gun style no problem, the disadvantage is that this car is only suitable for ghost fire youth and spirit boy.The fourth dongfeng Wind game dazzle 230T automatic shadow knight version landed in the early 90 thousand, this car is touted by many people into the price of 100 thousand level, 200 thousand level of space, 300 thousand level of luxury configuration.Personally, I think It is more suitable for people who just entered the workplace. It is more affordable than the lynk 03 at the same level, and it also looks cool.Remotely controlled by three big-screen apps, the L2 level of autopilot configuration is indeed rich.The city fuel consumption of this car is about 7 liters, but the disadvantage is the failure of the vehicle-engine system.The fifth Arezer 5 PLUS small AI 1.5T CVT Smart PLUS landed in the early 100,000, this time to provide a 1.5T PLUS 9CVT gold power, this power is even stronger than the actual power of 1.4T escape PLUS.The city fuel consumption is about 7, the material and configuration are good, the hand can touch the place is soft material, the seat in the same level is more comfortable.Features like full-speed adaptive cruise, front seat heating, and exterior rearview mirror heating are all useful, but the lack is that the 360-degree panoramic image is blurry.Next time we’ll talk about what to buy for $80,000.