Deyang | People’s Mediation for the People Two mediation studios in our city were rated as “gold mediation studios”

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At the end of 2021, the provincial Department of Justice and the Provincial People’s Mediation Association decided to jointly name 50 mediation studios as “gold mediation studios” in Sichuan province.Among them, two mediation studios from Deyang were selected: Fu Mingzhong Mediation Studio of Mianzhu Xiaode Town People’s Mediation Committee and Song Yongsheng mediation Studio of Hanzhou Street People’s Mediation Committee of Guanghan City.Fu Mingzhong is a legal worker in mianzhu Xiaode Town Public Legal Service Station. He is a native of Mianzhu Xiaode, and has been engaged in legal affairs and mediation since 1996.He is familiar with all kinds of laws and regulations, can accurately apply to the people’s mediation cases;He carefully analyzed every conflict and dispute he had dealt with, summarized successful experience, and gradually became an expert in resolving all kinds of conflicts through continuous learning and accumulation.In the past 25 years, Fu mingzhong has received more than 20,000 people and handled about 5,000 visits from the masses, with a success rate of 97%. These are the “achievements” of fu Mingzhong’s mediation as a mediator rooted in the grass-roots mediation front.On June 18, 2020, fu Mingzhong’s personal brand mediation studio — “Fu Mingzhong Mediation Studio” was officially inaugurated in Mianzhu Xiaode Institute of Justice.Fu Mingzhong, legal worker of Mianzhu Xiaode Town Public Legal Service Workstation:Disputes mediation work, for different groups, find out the breakthrough point, accurate ShiCe, at the same time, to give full play to the community, the local people with prestige, follow villager participation in dispute mediation mediation work, can more quickly and accurately resolve disputes, mediation room after the sichuan province was named the gold medal, I must adhere to the beginner’s mind, as always serve the people,Make due contribution to the harmony and stability of filial piety.People’s mediation for the people, like Fu Mingzhong, Guanghan Hanzhou Street People’s Mediation Committee mediator Song Yongsheng, is not only the director of hanzhou Justice Institute of Guanghan City Justice Bureau, but also a senior mediator.He always takes the interests of the people as the center of gravity, and always considers it his duty to solve the most urgent and contradictory needs of the people.In 2021, his Song Yongsheng Mediation Studio named after him was also awarded the gold Mediation Studio.Song Yongsheng, Director of Hanzhou Judicial Institute of Guanghan Judicial Bureau:People’s mediation work is an important daily work of judicial offices, mainly is to help people to resolve disputes, troubleshoot, ordinary people have to find our solution, is to our trust, whenever a dispute be resolved, see the rare smile, thanked us a lot, I have deeply people’s mediation work important,I also feel the value of my mediation work.On the morning of May 6, 2019, an elderly woman named Huang, who lives in Huayuan Village, Hanzhou Street, Guanghan City, accompanied by her three sons, went to hanzhou Judicial Institute to ask for a change to the support agreement she reached with her three sons three years ago.Huang mother-in-law said, during the eldest son’s home to live by the eldest son and daughter-in-law of the eye, life is very depressed, they want to rent a house alone, please the justice of mediation.Guanghan city justice Bureau Han State justice institute director Song Yongsheng: the difficulty of this dispute lies in the eldest son gas is not, one is dissatisfied with the mother in the neighborhood disorderly talk, the other is to complain about two younger brothers do not understand themselves, want to let two younger brothers in the care of the mother, also encounter embarrassment or conflict, in order to revenge two brothers.Song Yongsheng through detailed understanding, understand the attitude of the eldest son of the yellow mother-in-law is the key, as long as the eldest brother can be calm to deal with the problem, at the same time realize their mistakes, the dispute will be solved smoothly.Guanghan justice bureau, director han state judicial offices Song Yongsheng: through my patient persuasion, finally the old man’s son realize his mistake, and give up all the excessive demands, finally signed a conciliation agreement, the parties dispute is settled satisfactorily, apology, between brothers of animosity, and thanks to me, thanking me for saving their mother-child love, brotherhood.Song Yongsheng mediation room team since nine years since established, dissolve the inductrial injury, personal injury compensation, the requisition, marriage and family, neighborhood disputes, 458, among them, 130 major difficulty disputes, mediation cases success rate 99%, mediation case performance of the rate of 100%, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, make important contributions to the local social harmony and stability.Guanghan justice bureau, director han state judicial offices Song Yongsheng: our mediation room by judicature bureau of sichuan province and sichuan province people’s mediation mediation room association awarded the gold medal, this is our honor, but also a spur, in the future work, we will be more active to serve people, strive to make every citizen perception of justice in every judicial cases.