Better off without Aaron Guo?Liao basket ace guard erupts again, send opponent 25 consecutive defeat

2022-07-21 0 By

Today, CBA regular season continues, Liaoning team ushered in the match with Nanjing Tongxi team.It was obvious that there was no suspense in such a match.Nanjing with the strength of the xi team is too weak, basically who can not win.Before the game against Liaoning team, Tongxi men’s basketball team had swallowed 24 consecutive losses, it seems to eat 25 consecutive losses is not surprising.This game, Liaoning team did not send all the main line-up.Guo Ailun, known as “Asia’s number one defender” by Liaoning fans, was spotted in Shenyang and did not play the final game of the second phase because his foot injury was said to be “slightly serious”.Without Guo, Liaoning was even more fluid because their key defender, Zhao Jiwei, was a passer who had a lot of experience and willingness to connect with the team.Against The Tongxi men’s basketball team, Zhao jiwei started for less than 30 minutes and finished with 12 points and six rebounds on 4-of-10 shooting, with a game-high 16 assists and seven steals.Under Zhao Jiwei’s guidance, Liaoning’s players played very comfortably and almost every player who played scored.Foreign aid Fogg added 21 points, center Zhu Rongzhen added 25 points and Cong Mingchen added 23.Off the bench, big foreign aid Morland contributed 17 points, yu Zechen added 11 points.Liaoning went all liaoning to beat Tongxi 129-109, handing them a CBA record 25th straight loss in a typical Zhao Jiwei victory.Obviously, Zhao Jiwei and Guo Ailun still have obvious incompatibility, two people together will only offset each other, Liaoning team may need to make a choice between two people.