Update! The sun is coming out!The next round of rain and snow will be followed by sunshine

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Zhejiang news client reporter to Yichen editor Wang Yichuan a new round of large-scale rain and snow in the waiting field this night the southern area of Southern Zhejiang took the lead in the opening of the year of the tiger, many times the rain and snow weather process let Zhejiang for a long time did not have a decent sun.Yesterday, a cold air rushed in, under the influence of the temperature has a certain degree of decline, this morning, most of the temperature in Zhejiang back to the freezing point.But it helped to dispel the gloom and bring us sunshine and blue sky.Everyone should seize the sunshine of today’s day, grasp the washing and drying clothes, because the rain is waiting again!It is expected that the southern area of south Zhejiang will take the lead in rain this night, and some mountainous areas will also turn to snow.Tomorrow, rain (snow) in southern Zhejiang will remain, and other areas will be gradually cloudy.From 22nd to 23rd, Zhejiang will enter a new round of precipitation through the upper-air precipitation system, with the cooling effect of this cold air, Zhejiang will snow.Zhejiang will usher in an obvious round of rain (snow) weather process, especially during the day on The 23rd, when it is expected to see medium to heavy snow or sleet in mountainous areas and parts of central and northern Zhejiang.At present, Zhejiang has been in the rain solar term, cold air and warm air mass confrontation gradually untenable, it is time to change the home.On the 24th, the temperature began to rise day by day, and the average temperature process rose by 8-10℃. The highest temperature is expected to reach 15℃.(according to the weather in Zhejiang) opened my eyes early this morning, many people in Hangzhou were overjoyed, finally the sun came out!Probably because it’s been so long since I’ve seen it.Just now, everyone in the Micro blog circle of friends had a high, “happy to fly!”With the blessing of sunshine and blue sky, whether going out or staying at home, the mood is suddenly much better.And this sun today, it’s the real deal.In addition to the big day, today can also be a big wash.According to hangzhou traffic police, Hangzhou will resume weekday peak travel from February 21 (next Monday), and west Lake scenic area will be restricted on weekdays with odd and even license plates.As shown in the figure below: Starting from February 21, the traffic restriction will be resumed in the morning and evening peak hours of project transport vehicles, and the flat peak hours should be applied online by hangzhou freight navigation system for real-time navigation.Next Monday will be the first morning rush hour for the resumption of off-peak travel, and the children have already entered the school mode. Hangzhou traffic police suggest that if conditions permit, you can start off-peak travel 30 minutes in advance, avoid the rush hour from 8:00 to 9:00, and choose green travel as far as possible.A new round of rain and snow will arrive the day after tomorrow. The good news is that if you can survive the rain and snow, the sun will be enough.How time flies, remember the winter Olympics opening day, the beginning of spring to;The Winter Olympics ended today, and the Lunar New Year began its second solar term, rain Water, at 12:43 a.m. on Feb 19.This year’s rains seem particularly urgent. They have been with us almost every day since February, round after round.According to the provincial meteorological station forecast, the next 22 to 23, Zhejiang has a large range of rain and snow weather process.But the good news is, after surviving this one, the sunshine will show up a lot!The good news, at least for this weekend, is that it will be relatively dry.Rain (snow) began to turn cloudy Saturday night.According to the forecast released by the provincial meteorological Service center, there will be no rain in central and northern Zhejiang until next Monday, and some areas can even look forward to sunshine.However, there will be light rain in southern Zhejiang from tonight, and there will be light sleet or snow in some mountainous areas.The following is the general weather forecast recently: During the day today: cloudy to sunny in the north of Zhejiang, cloudy in the south of Zhejiang.Tonight to tomorrow: south Zhejiang area cloudy sometimes light rain, mountain parts with light sleet or snow;Other areas are cloudy.Lows this morning: -3℃ to -5℃ in mountainous areas, with freezing or severe freezing;Coastal areas: 1-3℃, frost;Other areas: 0℃ to -2℃, thin ice.The highest temperature during the day: 6-8℃ in southern Zhejiang and coastal areas;Other areas: 4-6℃.