The sub-center will achieve full coverage of four-level government services by the end of the year

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The government hall is a window to the local business environment.Since its opening on September 13 last year, the government affairs Service Center hall of Beijing City Sub-Center has received 19,000 people, completed more than 8,800 items of examination and approval services, and provided more than 5,400 consulting services, with the satisfaction of the public reaching 100%.This year, the sub-center will also achieve full coverage of four-level government services, opening up the “last mile” for enterprises and the public to get things done.▲ The picture shows the intelligent service terminal face recognition and fingerprint unlock system.”Four-level linkage” intelligent service terminal out of the hall into the grassroots from the old factory transformed into the deputy center of the government hall, high and open, full of modern science and technology.In front of the consulting desk, Ms. Chen is consulting the permission of the municipal Radio and Television Bureau to change (extend) the production and operation unit of radio and television programs.Her unit is in Chaoyang District. Before, she could only go to the municipal government affairs Hall in Liuliqiao. After the government affairs Hall in the sub-center opens, 2,068 municipal matters and 1594 district-level matters can be handled here.This is not only convenient for the citizens of the sub-center, but also for the city’s eastern districts and even the “neighbors” of the three counties north of Langfang, Hebei, who have brought convenience.Up to the city, down to the village community.The sub-center’s government services are going out of the hall through terminal layout and other ways, extending to the streets and villages, four-level linkage, convenient for the masses to do things nearby, less to run, open up the “last mile” of business people.Gong Zhijun, head of a digital technology company, is handling annual reports in front of an intelligent terminal at the Party mass Service center in Beiyuan Street.The function of this machine is exactly the same as that in the hall of the government service center of the Sub-center. It can not only handle the government affairs of the sub-center of the city, but also handle the nearby municipal affairs, “inter-provincial affairs” of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Langfang and three counties of The North, and “inter-district affairs” of 11 districts.This is the first time that the intelligent service terminal of the government affairs Hall of the Sub-center has stepped out of the hall.”There are a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in Beiyuan Wanda Business District, which have a strong demand for government services, so we put the first intelligent government service terminal here.Enterprises can enjoy the same government services as the sub-center government hall at their doorstep, and they are of the same quality and efficiency.”District Government Service Administration related person in charge.The government affairs service intelligent handling terminal please out of the hall, into the street township, the park, the party center, is one of the key work of the city’s deputy center of government affairs service this year.At present, the terminal pilot has been set up in 6 subdistrict towns, Wanda Party-mass service center and Canal business district.By the end of March this year, the online deployment of all sub-district, township and community (village) level government services will be completed. By then, the sub-center will realize the cross-level and cross-regional “one-stop” handling of municipal, district, street, township and community (village) level government services.By the end of the year, it will complete the terminal layout of all the key parks in the subdistricts, townships and “two districts” and the extension and upgrading of the comprehensive window system of communities and villages, so as to achieve full coverage of four-level government services.After Ms. Liu arrives at the hall, she will arrive at the designated intelligent terminal according to the number receipt and mobile phone SMS push information.Swipe id card, login terminal, high camera to take photos, automatic upload forms, a series of simple and fast operations.After uploading the materials, the window staff of Liuliqiao Government Affairs Service Center can conduct online review.The main self-service management is a highlight of the sub-center hall of government affairs.It is also the first government service hall in China with intelligent terminal self-service mode. At present, 85% of the entries into the hall can be handled through intelligent terminals and real-time remote video interaction is also provided.By the end of the year, the proportion of intelligent terminals in the hall will be increased to 95%, and the number of comprehensive Windows will be reduced by half.At the same time, with the city’s electronic certification, seal and big data library docking platform, and application block chain technology, vice center government affairs hall of intelligent terminal can achieve 174 kinds of electronic certification automatically calls “no submit” electronic signature “zero time”, sealed by the city department, 174 commonly used information automatically reuse “no fill out”.The results of digital service reform are fully visible.The government affairs Hall of the sub-center has also achieved 5G coverage.The intelligent terminal adopts 5G+VPN technology, which greatly reduces the requirements on the external government network environment and site space. Especially for the parks and buildings where enterprises are stationed, as long as they have one of the external government network, Internet or 5G environment and limited space, they can build “micro hall” by the way of intelligent terminal layout to extend services.Yesterday, a video conference was held in the multi-functional meeting room on the second floor of the sub-center government Affairs Service Center.Prior to this, TongtOU Development Co., Ltd. requested the District Commission of Housing and Urban Construction to provide preliminary guidance on the relevant situation of the “Beibao Light Steel Block Phase II Project” contracted by it through the working mechanism of “online whistling of enterprises and on-site reporting of departments”.District councils ShenPiKe vice center government affairs center to coordinate relevant departments use multi-function consultation room, relying on the video came system platform, to carry out the remote video communication, real-time notation, online answering questions, etc., to follow the latest developments in the early stage of the project, to remind to pay attention to the problems existing in the project unit, help enterprises to clarify the construction permit formalities all elements of material,Provide service guarantee for enterprises to apply for construction permit, and urge the project to start construction as soon as possible.This multi-functional consultation room is the service place of the “enterprise whistling, department reporting” mode of the sub-center government service Center.In order to better serve enterprises, the government affairs Service center of the Sub-Center innovatively established this mechanism. If project units have needs, the “government affairs commissioner” is responsible for calling relevant departments to gather here and communicate with enterprises online, so that enterprises can enjoy the multi-department joint examination and approval service “without leaving home”.Up to now, it has provided relevant services for 94 project units and 32 key projects.Inter-provincial through Beijing self-service terminal to help Tianjin and Hebei 4285 business in different places for “did not expect so convenient, make a phone call on the inter-provincial license!”Ms. Li, who lives in Tongzhou, called tongzhou District government affairs service center to consult for yanjiao business license.Window staff told Ms. Li, do not need to go to Yanjiao, online can declare.Through remote connection, the District Government Affairs Service Bureau and the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Langfang Sanhe jointly guided Ms. Li to log on the platform of “One-window Link for Enterprises” in Hebei Province to fill in the information and upload the application materials, online real-name authentication and electronic signature.Within one hour of receiving the declaration information, Sanhe completed the review and mailed the relevant licenses to Beijing free of charge.As a bridgehead for the coordinated development of The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the City Sub-Center has established an inter-provincial linkage mechanism for government services with Hebei and Tianjin.In addition to the realization of 140 full network service items across the province, but also through the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei convenient self-service terminal mutual establishment, the realization of 387 convenient service items across the province.In the comprehensive window service area on the second floor of the government Affairs Service Center, it also provides cross-provincial service for 56 beijing-Tianjin FREE Trade Zone issues and 70 north Three counties issues.Up to now, in Xiongan and Langfang North Counties of Hebei province, as well as Tianjin Binhai New Area, Wuqing, Baodi and other areas, local people have completed 4,285 cases of business translocation through the Beijing self-service terminal deployed in the sub-center of the city, greatly saving the commuting time and service costs of staff.Reporter Chen Shijun photography Dai Bing responsible editor Zhang Manfei