The pot is broken!With 300m Americans lying down, the normally Stoic White House is in a bit of a hurry

2022-07-20 0 By

China’s approach to the epidemic is completely different from that of western countries. China has always adhered to a “dynamic zero-out” strategy, resolutely cutting off the virus at its source, maintaining high attention and keeping the threat of the virus at a minimum.Western countries are different, and always take a “Buddha” and epidemic prevention, outbreak occurs, western countries choose, wait until the disease completely out of control, realized the problem severity, began to take measures, symbolic people abide by do not abide by the individual, will not take any compulsory means, even issued compulsory measures, and no one will really implemented,More for show.Western countries even chose to live with the virus for a period of time. To put it bluntly, they simply left the virus alone.Although the number of new daily infections in the US has dropped significantly compared to previous levels, the current figures are still high compared to other countries. There are still around 2,200 novel coronavirus deaths per day, mostly among unvaccinated people.Obviously the epidemic situation in the United States still bad, but its expert has said, though their land is threatened by the outbreak, but it’s already time to restore the normalized, namely to remove the restrictions on some epidemic prevention, some states now has announced to cancel and school wearing masks in public places.300 million americans take the initiative to “lay flat” the most worrying of all, some states are now some people, they take the initiative to choose close to the people, hope that through this way to produce virus antibody, as long as the critical period through the fight against the virus, can improve the immunity to the virus, and this method better than the vaccine.As 300 million Americans take the initiative to “lie down”, the normally calm White House is in a bit of a hurry.The White House has not been too positive about the outbreak, but if these people choose to become infected voluntarily, it will only lead to another outbreak, and all the prevention measures taken by the United States will be in vain.America’s health care system has collapsed in itself, can’t give so many patients treated, if these people are infected with the virus, the pressure will only add to the hospital, the emergence of such a situation is a lot of people for the wrong understanding of gram si strain, some experts and famous people guessing and reasoning, thinks Mr Mick Dijon strain replace delta strain,Instead is a good thing, the strain of pathogenic force is not strong, is similar to influenza, no life-threatening, so infection is usually not a problem, and U.S. media always like to report good news not suffer, deliberately weakening about will be coronavirus negative news, caused many people to the United States without a comprehensive understanding of the disease, it will look down upon the Mick Dijon strains.Mr Mick RongYuan than you want to the terrible American country today’s death toll is not low, which has shown the Mick Dijon strain is not threatening so small as you think, it will still let people lose their lives, especially those who are not vaccinated American, is facing life and death threats, when so many people choose to lie flat, the United States for the treatment of patients with late fees,And the amount of nucleic acid tests required.The global demand for resources in this area is huge, and many countries are facing a shortage of resources. If we join in the competition with other countries, it is really a mess and will become a drag.The so-called lying down is actually a kind of cowardice, which is a change of direction to escape, and the consequences will be unimaginable. We hope that the US government can make the best epidemic prevention plan as soon as possible, rather than choose to ignore it.