“Half-cooked Lovers” : mood suddenly low, Yu Yue single for three years, not for no reason

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As a reality show focusing on 30+ adults, “Half Lovers” lets many viewers see the state of another stage of life.Many people feel that the atmosphere of the half-cooked house is the most comfortable among so many couples, and everyone is annoying.The reason is the precipitation of experience, so that they have a clearer understanding of themselves, become more consistent and more tolerant.So, in a rare scene in this genre, yu yue and Wang Nengneng enjoy each other without acrimony when they are clearly rivals.However, compared with the previous episodes, Yu Yue was visibly depressed and did not want to talk in the fifth episode.The first time in the crowd singing time to leave alone, choose a corner silent.The reason is still on Laura.Both Yu Yue and Wang Nengneng chose Laura, but in terms of expression, they are completely different.Wang Nengneng is the type of direct expression, words and deeds are to convey a signal to Laura, that is, I want you to come into my life, with me.And Yu Yue seems to talk a lot, but is not very good at emotional expression, more willing to use action to let each other see, so he prepared the injury medicine for Laura, the cup Laura sent to Zhoushan.Silently do a lot, hope the other side can receive the signal.Laura received signals from both sides, but she did not make a choice, mainly for two reasons. One is that she said she was an avoidant attachment personality, and in the face of the sudden situation, she was still a little at a loss, so she pretended not to receive the signal and was still digesting herself.Then there is the secret in her heart that she is 30 years old and has an 8-year-old boy. As Xue zhaofeng put it, this is a big message that there will be a “watershed” and a distance.It is very easy to have good feelings for each other, but it is difficult to enter a stable relationship from good feelings. At this time, both sides need to surrender themselves, to push themselves and each other and themselves into an extreme to examine, which is a difficult but necessary process.This is not an easy thing to do, because it means surrendering oneself, it means losing the initiative, losing the sense of security.In the past popular variety shows, there were ordinary couples who had a happy ending online, but failed to do so offline. The problem was the part of exchanging secrets.The secret makes two people appear bad blood, distance.Laura wants to start a relationship, the child is inevitable, otherwise she wouldn’t be single for four years, she must have done the psychological construction before the show, she is just waiting for the right opportunity, that’s why she doesn’t make a choice, everything is still variable.In fact, Yu Yue is the same. As the male guest who has been single for the longest time, she has been single for three years for a reason.Yu yue’s problem is not that he cannot express himself, but that he cannot deliver himself.He’s obviously an easy person to like, but without giving himself up and having a deeper conversation, you can’t take it to the next level.If they weren’t on the show, they might have had plenty of time to digest their insecurities, break out of their shells and approach each other.However, under the time limit of the program, it amplifies the sense of uneasiness. If we want to have results, we must break the balance. Just like what big Brother said, after leaving the program, we may slowly return to the original life.This is probably the reason why Yu Yue was suddenly depressed. He envied Wang’s ability to express himself directly and frankly, but he could not do it.Perhaps he has detected some familiar endings, so hesitating uncomfortable.