Dota2- Esports is cruel?TI champions and runners-up make the list

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Hello, this is Zwj, captain Dragonfly.Puppey and Kuroky, who rose to prominence in Dota1 and are still in the game today, are most likely to come to mind when we talk about the evergreens in Dota.Similarly, in addition to these evergreen players in our circle, there are also a lot of players who once had great success but then disappeared from the player’s view…As we all know, the worst people to get sprayed in Dota2 are never the 3rd place, 3rd place, 8th place, 16th place. The worst people to get sprayed in Dota2 are basically the runner-up players who lost in the TI finals and their team.When asked who was the worst TI runner-up, you might think of Ame, the top Carry player who is still active in the circle, but if it is worse, Ame can not be worse than TI5 runner-up.At that time, CDEC entered the TI5 finals as a dark horse, but the stable and good performance of the two instruments was not good at playing the version of the son TS, so CDEC fell behind in BP (not all because of this, 2000 is a stable BAN position), and CDEC also lost to EG and ended up in the second place.The two instruments were sprayed into a sieve and disappeared.When Shadow talks about the most popular and memorable team, everyone will think of Guardian Wing, right?None of the Wings players were “freaks,” but when they got together, they could pull and play like no other team, and the team went on to win the TI6 championship easily.They crashed just as the brand new Galactica was about to sail.What’s even more unbelievable is that Shadow, the irrational void mask user, has no screen left after TI6 (he briefly fought Liquid). According to the truth, this TI champion Carry player is in his prime and should be promising.However, this player has slowly disappeared in the field of vision after TI6.What makes people speechless is that Shadow, the TI champion, was quarreling with the great god of bullets every day after the live broadcast was started, and she completely missed after she found that she was not suitable for live broadcast.Brother Langtou is not a stranger to those who often watch OB commentary live, is it?As the elder brother of Zhou Shen, Langtou was a professional player in an Internet cafe team and was impressive for wearing a suit every day (many years before 800W Warrior).According to OB group’s members, the elder brother of the Wolf is also a young man with dream, morning leaflets, Internet cafes at night training Dota a day, wash gargle was also done in the bar, but the persistent players are not able to mix out, if not OB team members about this person, you maybe don’t know there is such a man…Strong such as Liangyi, Shadow, who once stood in the world’s top stage in the finals will be sprayed, and there are more players like Wolf Head, who have a dream but failed to make it. It can only be said that the world of e-sports is really quite cruel.So what do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and be sure to click “like” to support a wave.#dota2#